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  1. A VOHeroes Welcome

    1. Quick check...are you sure you're in the right course?
  2. The VOHeroes Mission and Ethos
    2. Why become a client's VO...hero?
  3. 2.1 The history of
  4. 2.2 The VOHeroes definition of success
  5. Strategy and Tactics
    3. Strategy: the four keys
  6. 4 Tactics: The VOHeroes Pro Toolkit
  7. 4.1 VOHeroes Courses: instruction and theory
  8. 4.2 VOHeroes Workouts: monthly real-world practice
  9. 4.3 VOHeroes Coaches: mentorship and guidance
  10. 4.4 The VOHeroes coaching philosophy
  11. 4.5 VOHeroes ProConnect LIVE: business building and accountability
  12. 4.6 VOHeroes ProConnect: discussion and mutual support
  13. 4.7 VOHeroes Labs: reference videos
  14. 4.8 VOHeroes Articles: podcasts, blog posts and more
  15. Courses
    5. VOHeroes Courses
  16. 5.1 The VOHeroes Pro Core Curriculum
  17. 5.2 All courses (and your courses)
  18. 5.3 How to take VOHeroes courses
  19. 5.4 How to navigate any VOHeroes course
  20. 5.5 Sections, lessons and topics
  21. 5.6 Accessing course materials and Workout clips
  22. 5.7 Tracking your course progress
  23. 5.8 Taking and passing quizzes
    1 Quiz
  24. 5.9 Earning certificates
  25. 5.10 The VOHeroes leaderboard
  26. 5.11 Extension and bonus courses
  27. Workouts
    6. Your two types of VOHeroes Workouts
  28. 6.1 The monthly VOHeroes Workouts: practice your voice over skills
  29. 6.2 How to find and register for a Workout
  30. 6.3 How to set your Zoom and Audacity preferences for all Workouts
  31. 6.4 How to get the most out of Workouts
  32. 6.5 Want more than one workout in a month? The Additional Workout
  33. 6.6 How to register for ProConnect LIVE
  34. 6.7 How to participate in ProConnect LIVE
  35. 6.8 How to listen to the Workout and ProConnect LIVE recordings
  36. The VOHeroes Site
    7. A visual tour of
  37. 7.1 The Toolbar menu bar
  38. 7.2 Your Account Menu on the Toolbar
  39. 7.3 Adding and updating your profile and cover photo
  40. 7.4 Setting your VOHeroes nickname
  41. 7.5 How to manage your email address and password
  42. 7.6 The Sidebar menu bar
  43. Getting Support
    8. How to search site content
  44. 9. How to communicate: Pro Connect, Messaging and Notifications
  45. 9.1 How to use the ProConnect discussion group
  46. 9.2 How to follow ProConnect discussions
  47. 9.3 How to use Messages
  48. 9.4 How Notifications work
  49. 10. How to get help and support
  50. 10.1 How to whitelist VOHeroes email addresses
  51. 10.2 How to get help with your VOHeroes account
  52. 10.3 How to get help with voice over-related issues
  53. 10.4 How to filter VOHeroes email notifications into folders
  54. 10.5 How to be a world-class complainer
  55. The VOHeroes Pro Membership
    11. Managing your VOHeroes Pro membership
  56. 11.1 Joining the VOHeroes Pro membership
  57. 11.2 What’s included in the Pro membership
  58. 11.3 Graduating and becoming a VOHeroes Pro Emeritus
  59. 11.4 Purchasing individual VOHeroes courses
  60. Other VOHeroes Services: producing demos, private coaching and more
    12. How to get your demos produced by VOHeroes
  61. 12.1 The VOHeroes demo production process
  62. 12.2 Listen to demos of our demos
  63. 12.3 How VOHeroes demos are priced
  64. 12.4 How to know if you are ready to produce a specific demo
  65. 13. How to get private one-on-one VOHeroes coaching
  66. 14. The VOHeroes Affiliate Partner program
  67. 15. Congratulations!
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2.1 The history of

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VOHeroes wasn’t always called VOHeroes. After 10 years under one name, it was time for a change.

How it started

When I first started teaching voice over, I did so because someone asked who did my demo.

I said, “I did. Doesn’t everybody produce their own demo?”

I didn’t know what the marketplace was calling for, but clearly, when my first few weeks of classes (which were classes on how to voice commercials – that was it!) sold out, I figured maybe there was a demand for it.

So I added two more classes, on documentary narration and on IVR. Those sold out as well.

What was up with that name?

When that same actor asked about my demos, he also asked if I could produce one for him. I did, and I started doing that for other actors. And I called my company Demos2Go.

Then, when I started teaching classes, I renamed my small little enterprise to cover both demo production and the classes…as VO2GoGo. (VO2Go wasn’t available, and the go-go thing was for speed and agility.)

Over the next decade, we went from 3 classes to 36. When my schedule wouldn’t handle teaching weekly, we went to monthly classes at various locations around Los Angeles.

And we added coaches to the team as well.

Then, we flipped the classroom.

The move to online classes

Again, my acting and performance schedule was getting hectic, and I wasn’t able to set aside time each week to teach the classes live.

And it was around this time that I found out about the “flipped classroom.”

When we were kids, we studied in class, we went home to do homework, we turned it in and we were graded on it. That, along with our test scores, determined our grades.

Flipping the classroom does just what it sounds like. Instead of the teacher teaching the class by simply speaking the words, in the classroom, the students watch richly produced video classes, that the teachers can update when they need to.

Then, the time in the classroom is used to dive deeper into the course content, discuss issues, explore the subject matter, ask questions and get answers, and give the students an opportunity to feed back the information they’ve been learning in the video classes to the teachers and their fellow students.

Flipping my classes meant I could free up my schedule (and my coaches’ schedules, who were also teaching the classes live, from my notes), produce nicely formatted and visually/aurally appealing videos, and use the precious time we had together to explore, work out on mic and do all the things that helped deepen the engagement in voice over.

Yeah, but again…that name.

So at some point, I just got tired of explaining to people how to spell “VO2GoGo”, that it was 2 “go”s and that there was a number in there…sigh.

I also wanted a much easier to say, and much more descriptive name that simply and clearly illustrated what my mission was: turning MY clients into go-to talent for THEIR clients.

And one day, it struck me…I help build voice over heroes.

I went through some branding exercises, and I came out at the other side with

And that’s where we are today: me, and my team of coaches, helping you achieve success at becoming heroes to your VO clients.

But what does success look like? How do we define success? Hit that Mark Complete button below or Next button at the top of the page to find out.


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  1. Great! That’s how I felt as a Live Narrator on Concept Jaguars for years! I got to be their Hero at the shows : ) Now I want to apply my talents to more. t’s so gratifying!