Coach Tori Prather

Tori is VOHeroes’ NYC-based instructor, with a broadcasting background and various college degrees in arts, psychology and education. She is represented by one of New York’s premier VO agencies.

A native of the midwest, but a true New Yorker at heart, Victoria has spent years on big-market radio and TV, honing the craft of storytelling.Victoria carries the announcer/anchor inside her, yet always connects with her listener/viewer and students one-to-one.

Her background in education and marketing communications also give her a true understanding of the importance of conveying not just the words, but the emotion and true meaning behind them. Victoria also has a food blog, a podcast and is producing a comedy web series with other multi-hyphenate creatives. You’ll see her in NYC enjoying Central Park with her family and small dogs or jet-setting off to Los Angeles to feed her sunny California dreams.

She is available for private coaching via Zoom.

You can reach Tori at [email protected].

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