Kudos For VOHeroes

Here’s a sampling of what students and clients have to say about building their VO practice with VOHeroes:

Natalia Fedner
David…I love telling people about you – giving you “props” for getting my VO career going. You can let your current students know that your advice helped make this gal very happy (and got her her first SAG-AFTRA radio commercial):

Amelia Borella
David – Just wanted to let you know I am signing contracts with LA’s largest agency, CESD’s tv/radio v/o dept. next week and I am super excited! Thank you for your support and for editing my reel for me to make it sound fantastic! Hope you are well 🙂

Tom F. Leary
David…Just a quick e-note to say THANK YOU for VO2GOGO/teaching and FEED MY INBOX..etc. These are tremendouse resources! Your writing style is clean, precise, full of content and friendly in tone. I often feel, as I read the various articles, that we’re sitting across from each other at a table in a coffee house and your simply sharing your thoughts. I hope people do say thank you from time to time. I’m sure they do but…just in case…Thank you David.

Steve Marvel, Winner, ACX Narrator competition
“…three things David showed me in his online classes that got me started in VO, and helped me win the ACX contest: speak across the mic, not directly into it, use a sock for a windscreen, and ONLY use the AT2020 USB Plus mike. Awesome. Thanks so much!…”

Kathy Bell Denton
“…-I thought I could do voice over, but I didn’t know I could until I took your classes. It takes me a long time to gather the courage and strength to pursue things. Your classes have room for all different kinds of people, that allows people like me to feel comfortable, never pushed, never shamed, never ignored. I realized many technical things would just have to wait until I was ready to understand them. Slowly things become clearer. Now I am starting to understand the next things I need to learn, how to go about learning them, and the next things I need to do. Thank you….”

Melissa Schuber
When I got serious about my voiceover career, David was there every step of the way to up my game. His workshop, his demo wizardry, and his continued support, encouragement, and connections have made a dream of mine something I can reach without giving up my day to day life. I’m now turning around auditions from home left and right and have gotten work in online video and audio books – and none of it would have happened without David’s expertise, reassurance and patience. In fact, he’s already ready for my next step: diversifying. Thanks David!

Liz Saydah
“Overall, going with David gets you a top quality [VO] practice and demo, and that will get you work today and in the future…”:

Lauren Weisman
David is truly an unbelievable resource for voice over actors. I recorded my commercial demo with him in a fun two hour session. He pulls material for you beforehand, directs you beautifully, works on the flow of your piece to create variety and your most marketable package, and you walk out of the session, demo in hand. David is so experienced, efficient and trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone and will definitely return to him when recording future demos.

Susan Soriano
Well I am working on my 3rd audiobook and the author is very excited. She auditioned quite a few people then narrowed it down to two of us, had us rework a couple of sections (there is a male character with a German accent) and then made her decision on Monday to go with me 🙂 You were right about ACX being a good choice for me as the last two book contracts I was contacted directly from the authors both times. This last one I’m trying to get done in time for holiday sales, it has great sales potential! The kindle version which just went up a few days before she contacted me has people giving it all 5 stars and wanting a sequel. I’m beyond busy with it all but it’s getting easier all the time.
Thanks again for all your help along the way.
Much gratitude,

Matt Weight
“One of the best experiences that I’ve ever had in my acting career…you leave David’s classes with this innovative entrepreneurial spirit…I seem to have reached this critical mass on ACX where authors are just contacting me with offers…”:

Alexander McConnell
I’m a British voice actor and I wanted to say what a valuable resource David Lawrence’s V-Classes are. They are packed with really useful professional hints and insights, along with some great practical and technical tips. They are every bit as good and engaging as the live classes and once you’ve downloaded them you will have them to keep as part of an on going reference library for your VO career. A fantastic way to keep focused and at the top of your game. A very big thank you David for coming up with this.

Kelli Maroney
The best voice over training available, plus makes the technology accessable and understandable to the average person. Very generous and giving teacher and brilliant and highly skilled VO artist with stellar credits of his own. Join VOHeroes and get in the know with David is my best advice. Made all the difference for me. I’d like to add that David creates a win-win in his business–his fees are more than reasonable for what you get and he sincerely wants to see others succeed.

Stephanie Mathis
“David really broke the industry down, in a way that made the industry accessible, and success achievable…just a couple of weeks later, I’ve booked my very first audiobook job. I really couldn’t have had that without David’s classes…”:

Cat Gray
David – Thanks again for a great class. You really took your time with everyone and gave us all 100%. I know everyone really appreciated it. And this has opened up a whole new world for me. Thanks so much. Hopefully we’ll see you around Act Now sometime!

Ben Bledsoe
Hey David – I really enjoyed the VOHeroes ProConnect Live workout today. I love your ‘how to actually get work’ approach to the industry. Not just the bells and whistles that some other classes generally teach. One thing that you may not even have noticed mentioning which created a minor epiphany in my brain was the fact that you sit down while recording auditions and submit them in real time from your desk. I come from the music world and have an extensive background in recording in that side of the industry. My mind only works in assuming that you have to record in a booth. I have a full setup at my house, but I do find that having to print out the copy, hit record, bring the copy in the booth, do as many takes as possible without going too far, go back to the computer and edit gets a bit wearing and I find myself being overly selective with auditions. Now realizing that I can set up a mic at my console and do it straight from the screen for auditions, it will save me months off of my life in the long run. So thank you for opening my eyes to such a simple and seemingly intuitive point. I will DEFINITELY be back. And am going to reserve my spot in next month’s workout right away so I don’t miss out on that! Thanks again for the wisdom.

John Zak
“…I have to tell you, I’ve gotten something valuable and useful from every class…in the last year, I’ve booked 8 full length titles, two of which have been optioned as screenplays…”

Todd Cattell
David! Yesterday’s workout was exceptional. Easily the most professional, thorough, intelligently constructed, hilarious, inspiring and worthwhile workshop I have ever attended of any kind. It is refreshing to encounter someone with such an authentic passion to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with fellow actors and artists. I drove home last night feeling that not only was there was a fire lit under my ass but that I had met a kindred spirit and hopefully a new friend too!

Emily Birnbaum
“…David – Thank you so much for working with me today to produce what I can only call a demo that far exceeded my expectations. I feel that I got not only an incredibly professional demo a but a tutorial session focused on my own personal appeal as a VO artist as well. Your dedication to my satisfaction as well as your personal expertise puts you in a category all your own. And having gone through your entire Pro curriculum, this felt like the same level of attention to detail that I would have expected. Thank you!…”

Matthew Moore
“…I just booked a gig…and in a few weeks, I’m expecting a check for three times the amount it cost me to take the course. And to me, that’s pretty good math…”

Cindy Weber
The VOHeroes workout of Mr. David H. Lawrence the Seventeenth was so interesting, useful and fun, I can’t wait until the next month’s! I recommend anyone in voiceover to meet him, sign up for his Pro membership and attend these sessions.

Mark Sande
Thanks, David. Your workshop was full of useful information, and I appreciated the time you took in preparation and delivery. Clearly, you have achieved a level of expertise in VO, but I have to say I’m equally impressed with your organizational and entrepreneurial skills, which seem to work very well together. That in itself is a great lesson. I’ll look forward to putting some of the tools from last night to use. Thanks again.

Nellie Barnett
“Started in September, and today (a month or two later) I’m finishing my second audiobook…I didn’t know anything about this world, and if you’re curious about the voiceover world, I suggest you get in touch with David and you can go from zero to hero…”:

Kristine Oller, Change Strategist
Thanks so much for the fantastic class, David!!! Quite honestly it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Your lecture was as informative as it was inspirational. I’ll definitely be contacting you about a voiceover demo very soon!

Nancy Isaacs
“David, I got your classes about recording for ACX with Audacity last night. I cannot believe how much easier it is now! You saved me hours of editing and mastering! I’ve been using ProTools to record and edit. I have been paying somebody to master my books! Now, I can do everything myself, in half the time! Thank you!”

Michael Riffle
David…I wish I could say I have oodles of constructive criticism or thoughts about the Pro curriculum and workouts, but really the only thing I have to say is that it was an educational eye-opener. Really – thank you!

Jen Drohan
Thanks so much for the fantastic class, David!!! Quite honestly it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Your lecture was as informative as it was inspirational. I’ll definitely be contacting you about a voiceover demo very soon!

Eric Olson
I went into David H. Lawrence XVII’s voiceover workshop only expecting an introduction to what voiceover work might offer me as an actor. Instead, he armed me with the tools to go full steam into a wide-open and potentially lucrative field and the confidence to expect success.

Emily Lawrence
“…taking David Lawrence’s workshop is one of the best career decisions I’ve made…he is amazing – he’s made himself available to help out – I’ve never met anyone like him in LA…”:

Gina Torrecilla
David, you have heard it before but I will say it myself: Your workshop is just amazing. You are inspiring as well as practical. And thank you for giving us a take home (the clips) from this workshop. They have been fantastic learning tools for me. And reminders that “Oh yeah….I used to do this and get paid for it. That’s riiiiight.” Thank you

Loring Greene
Your class was nothing short of mesmerizing to me.
If I had to write your review today it would go like this. “The program provided in David Lawrence’s Secrets to Voice Over Class is intelligently presented, profoundly educational and was provided by the most artful master wordsmith himself. Take it, savor it!”

Greg Audino
“Occasionally, people will ask me how I approach the business, and what I do day to day to keep my career afloat. And it’s a little startling that just about everything I’m saying is exactly what David said to me the very first time that I met him.”:

Susan Haight
Thanks David. I got so much out of your class. Please keep me on your mailing list. I’ll contact you soon re: demos, etc. I really do appreciate all the info you provided and your encouragement.

Vinnie Donadio
Hi David, I received the mini-demo in good shape, thank you. Also, I just want to let you know that I’ve had nothing but good things to say about your class. I really enjoyed your sense of humor and wit. It really helped drive home the points you were making. The tips that you passed on to us from your wealth of knowledge were very enlightening. And listening to you direct everyone was extremely helpful. Thank you very much for a great class!

Emilee Annine Moeller
“…as actors, we often sit around and wait for permission to work – David showed me how to create my own content. And I did. I wrote an eBook that’s now #5 in my category on Amazon, and I’m voicing the audiobook version on ACX right now…”

Ann Rittenhouse
Thank you so much for the insight and skills you imparted to us. I really enjoyed the class, learned a lot and have the strong desire to continue!!

Robert Chang
Thank you, David. As i wrote in my comments on the evaluation sheet, your class was probably the best value for a workshop i’ve ever taken! and that other one i took was free! i kid, i’ve taken many many workshops and yours by far stands out. It was one i’d been meaning to take for quite some time now. By the way, your Heroes puppet-master was so well-played in its cerebral creepiness. Definitely a memorable character. and i loved seeing you in Lost!

Suzy Harbulak
“…David’s VOHeroes Pro course is the best voiceover teaching you could find – upon recommendation of a friend, I went, heels dragging, to one of David’s free classes to , and I’m so lucky I did…”

Kristina McLamb
Thank you for the encouragment regards our being overly critical of our imperfections. I suppose we all have that inclination. The information you have shared with us is very generous, practical and appreciated! I’m looking forward to exploring this side of my career and will be in touch soon.

Michael Canetty
Thanks for the narration mini-demo. It was a great learning experience being in your workshop. I’d like to chat with you down the road about doing a commercial demo. Will be in touch.

Jodi Davis
I so enjoyed your VO workshop and thank you so much for emailing my mini-demo to me. I really appreciated that! I used to do voiceovers, then took a break from it and now have gotten back into it because of a request from a radio station that knows me and my background. This past year, I have been retraining in VO and recently did my commercial and narration demo which I have on my Now Casting website. I was excited to hear about your experiences in VO and what the current trends are. I have been working on characters for animation, as I also love animation. After listening to you, I know that I need to make more VO demos for specific areas. Anyway, you teach a great workshop, give us wonderful info and are fun to work with!

Norman Lesperance
Thank you for a terrific class. It was eye-opening and extremely informative. I truly appreciated your humor and your insight. Much success to you.

Allyson Ryan
David helped me produce a demo that I am proud of and feeling good showing off! In a few short months, that glorious demo helped me booked jobs for Samsung, American Express, and MSNBC! I also know that I have the support and wisdom of David to help me continue reaching my goals. Thanks so much, David!

Paul Geiger
The key to everything that David Lawrence teaches is empowerment. In bold steps, David explains how you can develop your voiceover knowledge and skill to truly fulfill your creative potential. “Own it” is his mantra. He never waivers in his support of artists succeeding in this crazy business.

Allison King
Doing a demo with David is like hanging out with Yoda – except green and a million years old he is not. But he is wise, generous, and customizes your experience to meet your abilities and strengths. You leave with a demo that is professional, affordable and most importantly catches the attention of clients. I’ve already booked a recurring gig with a video game company… Thanks David!

Tom Vilot
David – I’m very happy with the demo reel and glad that I hired you. I thought about doing the demo reel myself, but I now know I would have put my worst foot forward and there’s no way to fix a bad first impression! I remember at one point you apologized for leaning on me but I have to tell you I really appreciate direction even if it’s harsh. It makes it very clear to me where I am at and what I need to do. It was obvious you felt I could better than I was doing, that I was holding back. By pushing me, I learned what I am capable of and my voice reel is vastly better for it. Not only is the demo reel great, I learned a LOT in just those two hours. Thanks again!

Mary Riley
Thank you so much for the mini-demo of “Hartford retirement.” I find your expertise in the field of voiceovers invaluable and your comments are spot on. Looking forward to continuing in the class and learning so much more in this component of the biz. Thank you so much ~ it is a pleasure working with you.

Brian E. Smith
I saw this listing on LA Casting and they were looking for a male VO. I had uploaded one of the mini-demos that I had from my very first class with you (almost a year ago now!) some time back, so I submitted myself for what I thought was an audition. I had been submitting like crazy for things and I didn’t think about it again until they called me on Tuesday night to arrange a time and send me the scripts. I honestly thought it was just for an audition until I got to the studio, reread the information the client had sent me and realized I had booked the job! My first paid anything since October… (I certainly never said anything to the client about this, of course.)
It was VOs for three :30 spots for Glendale Adventist Medical Center at a rate of $40/hr. Two were for promotional spots and the other was a brief narration for a virtual tour. From the moment I walked into the studio, my brain was recalling everything I picked up in class. (I’ve only been to a few because of financial constraints.) It made me feel much more relaxed and comfortable in my ability to give the client what they wanted. The fact that I had already booked the job didn’t hurt, either. I went in, did several takes of each spot and, much to the client’s surprise and delight, was done in less than an hour! I’m hopeful that this will turn into repeat business
Without the mini-demos created in class and provided by you, I might never have submitted for this job and gotten it. And they already paid me for the hour. I would have used the money to buy a seat for this Sunday’s class (because I know Trevor and I certainly want to learn about animation work), but I was silly and splurged so that I could have food on the table for a few more weeks.
Thank you for doing these classes. I recommend them to everyone I talk to who is thinking about doing VO work and will even more now that I’ve put that knowledge to use!

Emily Birnbaum
David – Thank you so much for working with me today to produce what I can only call a demo that far exceeded my expectations. I feel that I got not only an incredibly professional demo a but a tutorial session focused on my own personal appeal as a VO artist as well. Your dedication to my satisfaction as well as your personal expertise puts you in a category all your own. Thank you!

Pete Brown
David – I’ve just finished my second paid job through Voice123. Job 1 was a tag for a FOX TV station in Minnesota. Job 2 was a series of IVR responses for a consulting firm in D.C. I remember that you categorized this work as a ‘marathon’ and I’m not feeling any pressure to go faster than I feel comfortable. Thanks for your guidance and assistance.

Kate Mcgregor-Stewart
David – Thank you again for the fascinating and fruitful work experience with you in your workshop at Act Now. Really, I cannot tell you in glowing enough terms how much value I (and everyone else in the room who was paying attention) received from you.

Rich Greenbaum
David – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!!! This is not only for all three MP3’s that you so kindly created for us but also for your brilliance as a teacher of this craft and your obvious concern and caring for us, your students. I found your class very illuminating not only in the voice over realm but in the show-biz miasma in general.

Heather Fox
David – You taught me in 2 hours what it took 6 weeks to learn in a class. How to relax and and trust my voice. You really do have the sharpest ear and a such a profound knowledge of the business. It’s inspiring! Thank you for everything, I’m so in love with what I learned -and everyone else is too! I’m so glad I met you, you’re the best!

Richard Kinsey
David – I heard so many good things about you and the class as we were leaving last night. People were saying how this was the best class that they had attended at ACT NOW and that they really appreciated having the MP3’s and places to post them.

Nikki Tuazon
David – Thank you so very much, i LOVED your workshop! i learned so much about VO work and you explained everything so clearly and broke it down in a way that’s very easy to understand, even for us who are technically challenged. i appreciated your patience, awesome coaching, dedication, and the fact that we were able to walk away with a product. very cool. you’re a fantastic teacher. awesome workshop!! thanks again.

John Mendoza
David – The clip from class sounds great. Thanks so much. I really like it. I am thinking that I obviously need a demo reel, and I am trying to figure out the best way to do it. After hearing your sample demos, and watching how much you care about the way you work with your clients and students, I think that your package from Demos2GoGo is definitely the best way to go. Looking forward to working with you.

Birdie Bush
David – Your demo production process is marvelous! I arrived at your studio, voiced several spots, and walked out the door with a terrific demo in my hand!! It was great. I booked work from that demo in no time! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to join another of your workshops.

Lou Kipilman
David – It was a great experience to work with you on the creation of my first voiceover demo. Even more illuminating was the process; your direction was tight and focused, and watching over your shoulder as you layered the post-production ‘sweetening’ was an object lesson in professionalism and supreme efficiency. The end product is something I’ll be proud to present to agents and casting directors as I start my journey in VO. And it really can’t be overstated that, even factoring in my travel expenses from San Francisco to L.A., your services still come out far ahead in price savings versus the comparable choices in Northern California. Thank you again for lending your educated ear and finely-honed brain to my demo.

Sara Jo Elice
I took David Lawrence’s three week voiceover class and learned everything I needed to know to get my voiceover career going, including technique, equipment, and places to look for work. We had time at the mic in each class and received a copy of what we recorded; not just raw voice samples, but finished audio clips in commercial voiceover, narration, and IVR that I was able to use to showcase my work and in turn get more work. In the half-year since taking the class with David, I have become the regular IVR voice for a company, recorded two radio plays, several promos, and and a few educational narrations. David was a wonderful, patient teacher and anyone looking to learn about the voiceover business would benefit from taking his class.
David Lawrence’s class was instrumental in the building of my voiceover practice. I not only learned technique, but I learned about the business and felt prepared to move forward and book the many jobs I have since. David also recorded my commercial demo, from which I’ve been hired a few times without ever auditioning or even submitting myself. He really knows his stuff and produces recordings of extremely high quality.

Bob Fraser
Dear David – Thanks so much for being my ‘special guest star’ yesterday. The whole group was just amazed and charged up by your story. And the fact that you were there suddenly made many of them see their goals as real possibilities. And, thanks, by the way for talking about the podcasts – I’ve been meaning to say something about them for awhile and busy-ness just always seems to catch me up. I will make an effort to do a promotional mail to my list about this amazing resource before the holiday. As always I’m exceedingly proud of all you’ve accomplished and take some pride in the small role I’ve had in helping you take those steps. Keep up the great work my friend – there are even greater things ahead, I’m sure. Have a splendid week and, as always … Much Success!

Tina Wilson
David Lawrence is an excellent demo producer as well as an outstanding director. After having just completed my demo, I couldn’t be happier! I would recommend him to anyone whether they are looking to have their current demo revised or whether they are beginning from scratch. Not only is the price right, but David goes the extra mile to make certain that his clients are happy with the end result.

Noel Olken
David – When do you sleep? Do you sleep? Thank you so much for tonight’s workshop; including  your insightful direction and generous answers. I left really jazzed about getting my demo together and getting myself out there in the marketplace. I’m really looking forward to next week. Great workshop, I will recommend it, and you, highly.

Christine Weatherup
Hi David – I want to tell you how great the workshop was. I’ve been going to Reel Pros for a while now, and this truly was one of my favorites. I left feeling like I had learned something as well as left feeling empowered. I’m completely new to the world of voiceovers and it really was a fabulous eye into the process. Thank you so much!! Thanks again for everything!

Emily Kinneally
Dear David – Thank you so much or all your patience this afternoon. It astounds me again again! Not only do you have a WEALTH of knowledge but you are so firmly committed to sharing that wealth with your friends and clients ( no matter how frustrating/taxing it may be!). I know it was quite a schlep for such an easily solved problem….but the confidence you instilled in me about the process means the world to me. Thank you very much for your time. I demand to cross your way through heavy traffic and buy you lunch….brie sandwich anyone? Cheers!

Katharine Moser
Hi, David,I just wanted to let you know that I just booked my first voice over job with Voice123. I was gone for a whole month for the holidays and came home to an email asking if I could record a couple of lines for SMAP SMAP, a Japanese variety show. So I did, of course, assuming I would get direction and notes. But I sent 3 takes of each line and the director responded with a ‘thank you’ and let me know that the paypal payment had already been sent. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever landed an easier acting gig or any job for that matter. And I owe it all to you and your wonderful workshop at Act Now. Thank you so much! I hope you had a very special Christmas with your daughters. My 2 1/2 year old, Madeline, enjoyed it immensely : )

Gillian Brashear
David – I can’t thank you enough for your class at Act Now, and for helping me to make my first voice over demo. I had wanted to get into voice work for years, but felt daunted by both the rumors, ‘voice over is the hardest part of the business to break into’, and the price-tag of a professional demo. But your class at Act Now changed all of that, because quite simply, I got in front of a microphone and discovered, I could do it! Then, I mustered up the confidence to make my demo with you, and lo-and-behold, it was easy, fun and completely pain-free. Not only that, from your class I had resources to start promoting myself, even without an agent I found my entire experience with you incredibly EMPOWERING. I’ve already booked voice work on a film and on a video game! I’m thrilled. And, I can’t thank you enough for continuing to be there with support when I’ve got questions of any kind. You’re the best!

Allyson Ryan
Producing a demo with David completely demystified the process and left me wondering why I had waited so long. David honed in on my signature voice in one phone conversation and the result was a demo that I feel represents me perfectly.

Sara Jo Elice
David – I had news of an evening table read for the radio play I got cast in while I was gone that I recorded my audition on right after our last class on my new Audio Technica mic. Couldn’t have done it without your teaching!!! I’m playing a 12 year old girl in Marc Scott Zicree’s pilot (being done as a radio play and then as a web animatronic) Magic Time. Armin Shimerman, Richard Tanner, and Neil Kaplan are among the cast, and Marc has written for so many shows that I think the play’s staged reading might have some cool attendance. So yay! Thanks so much for such a great class.

Jordan Byrne
David Lawrence is a gentleman, a scholar, and a genius at producing a top-notch VO demo reel in under 2 hours! He’s an expert director who instantly puts you at ease and helps you capture a performance that represents your voice’s best qualities! He’s got affordable rates and teaches fun and informative VO workshops every Sunday evening! I’m looking forward to the next one! Thanks, David!

Lowe Taylor
I took David Lawrence’s class in voice over recently, and it has kick started the VO career I have always been interested in. I have always had a desire to pursue VO but didn’t really have any idea where to start. David was so thorough, in-depth and smart with his information regarding not only the art of being a voice over artist, but the technical and business aspects to help you actually make a career for yourself in voiceover. After Davids class, I followed his advice and BOOKED the first VO job I submitted on!!! Without his class, I would have made so many rookie mistakes that would have prevented me from even being considered. His class has already paid for itself! And I have a few more possible jobs already coming down the pipeline! I am very grateful to David for his knowledge, patience and kindness in helping me kickstart my VO career. I would and have recommended him to anyone and everyone I know!

Karen-Eileen Gordon
I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on classes, teachers, and workshops throughout the the U.S. and in Europe. And here’s what I have to say to all of that: do yourself an enormous favor, and call David Lawrence.

Tamar Feinkind
David – Thanks for allllll of your great advice today and for being so patient with my numerous questions.

Richard Kinsey
David – I would recommend your class to anyone. Not only for the experience and skill that you impart as a professional but for the opportunity to work with you, the genuine article and caring human being. I hope we work together again someday and I’ll definitely e-mail you from time to time.

Jill Kocalis Scott
Attending David’s workshop was the best thing I did to kick-start my voiceover career. He helped me focus on using my own natural voice and explained the basics for a home recording set-up. His insight and experience in creating my commercial demo, along with his essential marketing tips, helped me book a great job in only 4 weeks – and I continue to receive audition invitations daily! Thanks, David!

Sandy Wiley
David – I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you did with all of us as well as your willingness to avail yourself for future questions and ‘quandries’. I may contact you in the future. Thank you SO very much!

Barbara Fisher
David – Thank you for an amazing workshop last night!!  You are a wonderful teacher, patient, informative, and an all-around good egg!  Do you teach a 4 week class about studio etiquette, technique, and developing your best voice (all the things you talked about)?  If you do, I want to sign up.  If you don’t, you should.  If you don’t, who does that you would wholeheartedly recommend? Sorry to inundate you with so much verb-age!, but I got excited in your workshop. Again, thanks so much for your time and knowledge and expertise!!!

David H. Lawrence XVII
I have the best students and clients in the world.