Voice over is a hero’s journey.
Make it your journey.

VOHeroes’ award-winning voice over training and support
helps you finally create a successful, satisfying and profitable VO career.

We give you everything you need to succeed.


36 core voice over courses, covering VO categories, building your VO practice and the tech you need to master, plus the mindset you need to succeed.


Two different workouts every month: one to build your performance skills, and one to build your business. All included in your membership.


We don’t just tell you. We show you. And we hold your hand every step of the way, with world-class guidance and advice. We help do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Heroic VO coaching. From heroic VO coaches.

David H. Lawrence XVII


Actor. Voice talent. Technologist. Creator of the VOHeroes voiceover curriculum. And your lead coach.

Trevor Algatt


Writer. Musician. Podcaster. Actor. Trevor’s masterful production of animation VO demos is legendary.

Karen-Eileen Gordon


Voice talent. On-camera actor. Healer. Entrepreneur. Psychic with killer spread sheets. Takes her clients on extraordinarily deep journeys.

J. Rodney Turner


Father. Farmer. Former Federal ATC. Voice talent. One of the most prolific audiobook narrators and producers in the world. And your coach.

Max and Victoria Smart


Actors. Entrepreneurs. Social activists. Based at California’s Find Your Voice Center, they help at-risk youth gain agency via performance.

Tori Prather


Mom. Broadcaster. NYC actor/VO talent. Midwestern native. Tori connects with VOHeroes clients on a focused one-to-one basis.

How VOHeroes works. In three simple steps.


New to VO? Take our free Getting Started course.

If you’ve never been a voice talent before, this is where you start. And we’ll make sure you get started right, with the right equipment, the right instruction, and an overview of the industry. Oh, and it’s absolutely free.

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Want to up your game?
Become a VOHeroes Pro member.

Once you’ve gotten a great start, or if you’re already a working VO talent, we can take you to the next level…literally. Our Pro membership gives you access to all our courses, our monthly workouts, the Pro Connect discussion group, the Labs and so much more.

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Stick with it as a Pro Emeritus member,

Once you’ve completed the entire Pro curriculum, you’ll keep up your chops by keeping up your workouts and sharing your challenges in our Pro Connect discussion group. It’s right here on the VOHeroes site – no traveling to any social network where privacy is suspect. You’ll also be able to get your demos made with our award-winning production team.

Is VOHeroes right for you?

  • You’re just starting off, and you don’t want to waste time or money.
  • You’ve been working at upping your voice over game, and you’re frustrated with your progress.
  • You’re already an actor, and you want to add voice over to your booking opportunities.
  • You love audiobooks. You want to create audiobooks.
  • You’ve been told you have a fantastic voice. You tell fascinating stories. You want to get paid for that.
  • You’re a lawyer. A salesperson. An admin. But what you really want to be is a voice talent.
  • You’ve had a really bad experience with another voice coach or “school.” You deserve better.
  • You want world-class, award-winning courses, workouts, coaching and support.

Any of these sound like you? We can be your personal instruction and support team.

And we’ll help you become a hero to your clients.

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Can’t wait to get started? Let’s go, hero.