Thank You For All Your Help

Hey there, hero!

So here we are – the last video of the 365 I challenged myself to create throughout this year.

I have so many people to thank, but mostly…I want to thank you.

Without your engagement, this challenge would have gotten real old real fast.

But you helped me so much.

Here’s how.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Thank you, David! It has been a pleasure learning from you. I look forward to Wednesday’s in 2020! All the very best for an amazing year. Kirsten

  2. When I first saw that you were going to do this video a day challenge I thought it was crazy. I guess I still do but I enjoyed coming along on the once a day journey. I ended up learning a lot and feel like you are an old friend. Thanks so much, congratulations, and I am looking forward to your once a week wisdom. Cheers!

  3. Congrats David. What an achievement. Very happy you followed through and you’ve certainly shared some helpful, wise and thought provoking ideas throughout the year. Your emails in the inbox were a welcome visit each morning and I enjoyed watching or reading the “raw you tune captioning” regularly. Looking forward to 2020 and thankful for what you did with this challenge. Cheers!

  4. Thank you David! Not sure how you did it but every day’s video was full of useful information and watching your video was part of my morning ritual. I will miss not having them every day but look forward to Wednesdays! Congrats on completing your challenge so successfully!

  5. Yeah! Congrats. You did a fantastic job. I know it wasn’t easy. So glad these are available to look back on. Great content. Thank you.

  6. WOW…amazing….and well done.
    Good thing it wasn’t a leap year or you would have been missing one….LOL…

    Looking forward to the weekly video…

  7. Thank you so much for these videos! They were relevant, interesting and challenging
    to me. I appreciate your giving heart and always wanting to help others move forward.

  8. What an inspiration and amazing support you’ve provided this year! There were days when you knew just what to say when I needed to hear it, and I will always be grateful for that. Thank you so much for all you’ve done, and will continue to be there for all of us.

  9. Congratulations on completing your challenge! It was my challenge to listen to every one of your videos and I DID IT! I certainly had the easier challenge but YAY for us! Your guidance, advice and ideas were inspirational all year long. Thank you David!!

  10. David,

    You have been amazing and inspiring through this 365 day challenge. I am going to miss seeing you every day but if I need to I know I can always go back and watch the videos again. Thank you for doing them. You really helped me a lot. A Happy and Healthy New Year to you!



  11. Thank you so much David for your 365 videos!!! I should have thanked you earlier, but I was always in my car listening & would forget to comment by the time I reached my destination. I listened to you almost every day and learned so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and loving personality!!!

  12. Dear Mr. DHLVIII –

    Is there a precedent? Maybe Casey Neistat – he did one a day for a year? did he make it? fact check me there…may I suggest TWICE a week as a compromise? Twice a Week on Tuesdays’s and Thursdays?

    In time, more than now, you will look back and say ” what? did I really do that?”….and, yes, you did.

    A legacy of, (pardon the steal from Mr. Carlin), ‘brain droppings’.

    A compendium of wisdom and guidance that transcends VO and extends into the universe. Selfless, generous, far reaching, pointed, searching, challenging…and the rest… a guide to performing and the facets required to walk that path of attainment. People you have never met, will never talk to, will never comment – they will benefit from this gift of yourself. I profited from the episodes – as did all the others who watched. All in varying ways, according to their point on their path…..and I look forward to reaching back into the archives and reviewing a few…( make a searchable database of titles for easier reference?)



    1. Thank you so much!

      We’re doing one per week now, on Wednesday.

      And you already have a search option. Click on the magnifying glass on the menu bar for the site, and put in your search term, say, “ivy lee method” and watch what happens.

  13. Thanks, David. I certainly learned a lot from you over this past year. It was a great undertaking by you and I’m so glad that you did share with us. I know that my skills and my business will be better this year because I’m taking what you shared and using it. Looking forward to learning more in 2020!