0001: Howzabout A High-Good, Low-Bad Diet?

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Show notes

Hey there, hero!

So why is it that we get so worked up and emotional when we hear something negative about ourselves, but it’s really hard for us to take a compliment without feeling embarrassed?

We’ll find out why the Bad is stronger than the Good in this edition of The VOHeroes Podcast.

Link to article by John Tierney and Roy Baumeister – For The New Year, Say No To Negativity:
https://www.wsj.com/articles/for-the-new-year-say-no-to-negativity-11577464413 (paywall)
https://apple.news/AChJmpdrdRr-K_t4AYu2Rzw (Apple News)


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  1. Love you, David! When something negative happens, I tend to get down, to question my own abilities – for a little while. Then, it passes – or so I think. My energy wanes for sure. When something positive happens, I want to share it!!! And not just once! lol! It seems that I cannot get enough of sharing – or that I keep hoping those I’m sharing with will love it as much as I do… this is not so much with auditions or performance. It’s more when I find or experience something special or funny or beautiful… and then, the circle starts again… Why didn’t they respond like I wanted them to? Am I just a “glory hog”? Am I shallow and silly for enjoying this “thing” so much? etc., etc., etc… hmmmm, looks like I have some real work to do!!! Thanks for opening this specific door! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Thank you David! This was a great podcast and I appreciate that you have it available in video and audio. These five pieces of advice were wonderful to reflect on for the beginning of a new year!

  3. I’ve heard it called ‘the reptile brain’, but I love ‘Critter Brain’ a lot more! 😀
    I have a cynical side (or I suppose a large Critter on my shoulder) but I tend to start by asking, “Is this something that directly relates to me?” If not, try to dismiss it. “If it directly relates to me, can I do anything about it?” If not, let it go and do what you can to disconnect yourself from it. And last, if it’s a bad thing that you can do, “What are the actions I can take?” Once my mind knows a set of possible steps to mitigate or remove the problem, it’s easier for me to remind myself that there’s an “other side” of the problem where I come out of it and I’m moving on and away from it.