0002: How To Avoid A Common Mastering Mistake

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Show notes

Hey there, hero!

I’ve gotten a number of distress calls, in the forms of posts, emails and social media messaging, from clients and students, all about the same issue: pickups.

And their distress is over the fact that they forgot one glaring detail when they did their voicing of a project.

I’d like to save you the same anguish.

Here’s the issue, and here’s how to avoid it – and fix it.


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  1. Super happy that I’ve saved my WAV files from the beginning – I don’t always do what I’m told in a course but I did that and it’s saved my tuchus a couple of times when I’ve had pickups to do.

  2. I used to also keep the Audacity project and its folder with the zillion files in it – strictly out of paranoia. It was a tremendous waste of space and I’m glad I stuck to this format. 🙂