0003: Proper Password Hygiene For Actors And Voice Talent – Use Dashlane

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Hey there, hero!

There’s a right way and a wrong way to share and store your passwords.

Sending them to your family, friends, team, management and others via email isn’t even close to being safe.

And I used to think storing them in my browser was cool.

It’s not. Not even close.

So here’s what I use: Dashlane. And in this episode, I’ll tell you why.

And…I have arranged for 6 free months of Dashlane Premium for you. Just visit this link:



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  1. This is great, David, thank you! I have been using mSecure for a few years and it’s been great for me, but it doesn’t have the ability to cross platform update and do some of the other things you mentioned. I look forward to trying Dashlane!

  2. Thanks David. So why is a text edit doc on my personal computer not secure. It’s not connected to the web or stored in iCloud. Just trying to figure all this out clearly.

    1. There are several issues that come to mind: your hard drive crashing, a ransomware attack, and the issue of having to share insecurely, and not having that doc on your mobile device for starters.

  3. I agree that this method is convenient and secure. But it, too, has its flaws—not the least of which is that it is a central point of attack for hackers.

    I, alone, am not an enticing target for a hacker and common protection programs are enough to thwart automated threats. But let me propose a simple and much more effective protection: Passphrases.

    If I were King, I would force all companies to adopt the structure of up to 256 character phrases instead of words. Of course this doesn’t solve the management problem of managing multiple sites, but the simple adoption of a standard phrase with the addition of the site name or mnemonic in a consistent order would solve that.

    1. I’m not sure what the single point of attack is…? With a master password that Dashlane doesn’t have, and two-factor authentication, I can’t see where that is – can you tell me more?

  4. Great vid, David. I used LastPass Premium for a few years and wasn’t quite satisfied. I am highly unsecure currently, with duplicate passwords galore and using Safari as a manager. Based on your pitch, I believe Dashlane meets the criteria I wrote out 2 years ago and have frustratingly not found up to this point:

    Easily allow me to store all my login info for all the sites and applications I use on my Mac and iPhone while also allowing me to access and auto-populate that info on those devices as well as any other device in the world at any time.

    Please let me know if you think Dashlane comes up short in any part of that criteria. I’ve heard you talk about them before, but with this offer I’m definitely going to give it a go. Thanks again.

    1. Seems like it meets all the criteria – but you have to be willing to commit to it as your tool. That was my problem the last time I tried to use it several years ago. Not this time, though. Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks! Definitely going to look into this. Just wish I’d watched it sooner – I had to replace my phone yesterday and it took a lot of effort installing everything and plugging in passwords again.