My Six-Point Guide To GSD In 2020

Hey there, hero!

In these videos this past year, I’ve tried to give away the best I’ve got.

Things that have worked for me time and again, and things that have stunted my growth and needed to be excised.

And why I do this is that I don’t have as much time left on this Earth as I did 10 years ago, but more time left than I will have tomorrow.

I’ve decided that 2020 is going the be the year that I get stuff done that brings me joy, and protects me financially and emotionally.

And if you’re with me on that as a goal, here are six things I think you might benefit from that I’m planning on doing.

Hope this helps!



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  1. These 6 steps are great, I’m going to incorporate them into my 2020, thanks!
    I’m going to miss these daily Videos…..but on to weekly!

  2. Thank you David for these daily videos, for sharing your thoughts ideas and experiences throughout this year. This last one with the 6 items to address to further your own and maybe my career all ring true . I have been doing some of them for awhile – particularly addressing ‘just do it’ and put mess and failures in their respective places. I’m learning to live with them by re-evaluating them in my mind as ways and means of improving my general approach to accomplishing and accepting tasks warts and all. For awhile now I have printed on my process/production sheet that I have for each audiobook, “Don’t let perfection get in the way of good” In some minute way this helps to put my work and self in perspective. I am me- uniquely me and if I am being asked repeatedly to continue working then I must be doing something worth being paid for! but As you more tnan likely know ,that isn’t always the case– there’s always that little nagging voice saying “Yeah but..” All of your videos that I have seen ,in some way or other have contributed to clearing the rubbish from my mind ,workspace and general life and also helps quieten the “yeah buts”. 😉
    I agree that Time(as you touched on at t he beginning of this video) is the element that influences the need for simplicity in our lives and makes us realize keeping it simple and straightforward is the way to go- being a bit older than you I am equally aware of this . Also it is important in recognizing that we are not all that important in the grand scheme of things.I find this perspective to be quite reassuring!!! All this points to me as being an imperfect but mostly good individual who enjoys her work( and life) as much as possible and is generally willing to improve even at this stage of the game (hence the mess!!!) . Ramble over! Happy New Year to you and all your team Here’s to a Healthy,Happy and prosperous new decade -2020 here we come !