My Tribe Is The Best Tribe Ever

Hey there, hero!

Short and sweet today.

I’m so proud of the community we’ve created.

I just want to brag on them for a few minutes.

Hope you’ll understand. And maybe follow their example the next time someone asks a question in a discussion group.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Mr. DHL17. Excellent and relevant video, and thank you for sharing your emotions. In a decidedly self-centered way I started ‘Voices Anonymous’, yet somehow I also attract good people. Your presence and contribution is much appreciated.

  2. David
    I have been with you and your coaching for over 5 years and you have been the fearless leader of the tribe. The main thing you have shared (besides your top notch coaching) has been your 100% encouragement and support. You are genuinely excited when any of us advance in the pursuit of our endeavors!
    You lead by being such a fine example and sincerely want everyone to win!
    Thank you for being my coach and for being a friend, David

  3. It’s about leadership, David — you have set the tone for behavior and attitude towards others in every group you start. the rest of us simply follow your lead — thank you for setting the bar,

  4. It was my pleasure to help a new Hero. We’ve all been there learning something new, I’m just happy I could be of assistance to Patrice and any other future Heroes who may have the same questions.

    As everyone has commented, David, it all starts with you.

    I’m honored to be a member of your Tribe and look forward to all we’ll learn and achieve as a community.

  5. All so very true. The environment set by the leadership becomes contagious, be it positive or negative. It is a delight to have a tribe wherein encouragement is the norm (even for those of us who are only marginally related). David, all the tribes you lead have this in common–that should be a clue, and a great source of pride for you.

  6. Your kind words are appreciated David. I’m happy to be of service, to you, Patrice, and all our pros. You set an awesome example for our tribe and we are equally proud of you 🙂

  7. David, your compassion is why I signed up for VOHeroes and this video is a great demonstration of it. I’ve only been on board for a month or so and due to personal and professional constraints, I haven’t been as active as I wanted to be. The clouds seem to be lifting and this video was like a ray of light peeking through. Thank you for reminding me why I signed up in the first place. You’re a good man, a good educator, and great mentor.

  8. David,

    You are absolutely right. Last month I attended my first workout. I was very nervous. Max and Victoria were really nice and I found that there were extremely supportive peers (I am sure more experienced than I) who made it a point to cheer me on and make me feel comfortable! I was so thankful for their support more than they will ever know! So I thank you David, Max and Victoria and my VOHeroes peers for all your kind words and support!


  9. Yet another inspiring post, David. Your heartfelt response is wonderful to experience. Although not a Pro member yet (it is definitely on my to do list as soon as certain elements fall into place…) I am a devotee of your posts, and am continually wowed by your expertise, commitment, and your generosity of spirit. So thank you!!!

  10. They say “your vibe attracts your tribe”. Thank you for all you do! I truly appreciate your giant heart and desire to share with others.