Yet Another 365 Day Challenger: Miss Brittani Ebert

Hey there, hero!

Video #300 is dedicated to another performer doing a one-a-day challenge this year.

And this one is simply lovely, and disarmingly simple: a postcard each day that arrives physically in someone’s snail-mailbox.

Hope this helps!



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  1. That was cool of her! I enjoy seeing these other folks doing a 365-day challenge, mainly because I also have been doing one over on my Facebook page this year. (And cross-posted to Twitter and my blog.) I’ve been watching a new-to-me movie every day and then writing about it on that same day.

    These challenges may sound easy on the surface (especially mine), but it can be harder than you think. I’ve managed to get in a movie every day, although there were a couple of close calls, and I’ve usually published on schedule*. I’m already thinking about what I may want to try for 2020!

    *Barring FB technical issues… and a couple of days I just plum forgot to write before I went to bed.

  2. David,

    I love “Once a Week on Wednesdays”! And as much as I am not looking forward to your daily videos ending, I am looking forward to you keeping up with your videos weekly. What will I do with my other 6 days of the week?

    I also LOVE snail mail! There is nothing sweeter than getting a card or a note in the mail from a friend or business acquaintance. Brittani has just pleased 300 people this year with 65 more to go.

    Think of all the happiness you and she share with others.


  3. I’ve love these videos and have been thinking of doing a 365-challenge for our non-profit in 2020. We just changed our name and are re-branding so this would be a great way to add content. Plus, I can narrate each day and work on my editing skills. It is a big task but a fun one. I’ll share information and learn along the way. Win-win!