I Love That You Care This Much About Me

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

Hey there, hero!

Every so often – the tech gets the best of me.

When we switched over to having these videos published on VOHeroes instead of the old site, there was a glitch, and the email for that day’s video wasn’t sent out.

And I got no less than a dozen different emails that morning that all said very similar things.

I have to admit – it made me cry.

Hope this helps!



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  1. What is there NOT to love…
    What is there NOT to respect…
    What is there NOT to appreciate…about YOU?
    Dave, you are a tried and true, consummate professional who is with us every step of the way…even when we don’t think we need your pearls of wisdom (those are usually the times our thinking is LYING to us!).
    Technology may sometimes betray us, but the constant in the universe is LOVE CONQUERS ALL.
    Thank you for the love and respect you give us. You enhance our lives with every sharing.

  2. Hi David, Thank YOU for making these videos. I watch them every morning with my breakfast. I do look forward to them! You have a great way of explaining things and making almost any subject interesting. Keep up the good work! (I really like your new site too.)

  3. Wonderful message. It’s funny to me that, being a technologist as well, when I saw the oddities going on, I just knew automatically that it was switch-over glitches. (It probably helped that we had talked shortly before then, and I knew it was coming.) So, instead of concern for your well-being, my thought was, “yeah, he knows stuff’s going wrong–don’t bother him with more noise right now.”
    Love ya, dude.

  4. Well, I am sorry that I was not one of those wondering if you were ok but I subscribed to your YouTube channel and it popped up when I open YouTube that morning. I really enjoy watching them every morning and maybe if I had not seen it on YouTube, I would have been concerned about you :-).

  5. This is a very helpful video today for me. Its so easy to forget that behind every service or task I am in , there is a PERSON behind it that I need to remember first before I address what I need from them. That can help shape my patience, remind me to be selfless vs. demanding, and so on. I am glad this happened for you because I know there is not one person on your team who is not grateful for you and all you do, You also are like any of us-striving towards your own goals and need support and encouragement too. All this to say-I hope I remember this video and take time to inquire of the person before I might inquire of what I need. I am grateful for those who reached out to you with that kind of heart. Great examples to follow.

  6. Glad to hear that you’re fine. I’m one of those who get to the Daily 365 whenever, and dismiss emails routinely with, “Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll watch;” so I didn’t miss what I missed. The emails aren’t important; the videos are, and I found it where I always find it and thus, was and remain untraumatized 😉
    You engender such love, caring and compassion because you give such love, caring and compassion. No surprise to me.
    Carry on.

  7. Yay! This is very sweet. You do great things for a lot of people, and we certainly appreciate it. Technology can kick all of us in the butt, sometimes on a regular basis. Really glad you’ve been able to keep up these videos (and that you’re doing great!) 🙂

  8. David, we DO care about you and appreciate you. You don’t know how much good you do everyday. Our world and THE world is better because of who you are and what you do.

    PS: How is the shoulder?