How Did Your Favorite Teacher Learn What They Teach?

Hey there, hero!

I had a chance to grab a bite with Jim Johnson, who in conjunction with my ACX Master Class partner Dan O’Day, teaches The Accent Class.

You may have seen me gushing about how awesome it was when I took it.

He happened to be on a recording trip here in Southern California, and graciously accepted an invite to lunch – and he showed me how he gathers all the data and samples he uses when he teaches his classes.

It’s always been fascinating to me how people acquire information…and then teach it to others.

He has an awesome way of doing that.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I studied Voice and Speech with Kate Aaronson at Point Park College (now University.) Kate had been a street performer in upstate New York for years, and she had studied voice and speech as an undergrad as part of her theatre training. She was hands down one of the best teachers I have had throughout my career because she had both the academic knowledge and the life experience to call upon in her instruction.

  2. My best and favorite teachers have all been doers and also very animated. That is one of the reasons I enjoy learning from you. You are engaged in the topics you teach and that makes me want to learn more from you. My favorite science teachers would use their whole body and act out the growth of a plant. My favorite ballet teacher, a master at his craft, would get so excited when he taught. I love passionate, strict, positive, focused, intense teachers that truly love what they teach and bring life to subjects. I love teachers that have achieved great success with their craft too and aren’t just book learners. Their achievements inspire me to push more. I remember all the names of my favorite teachers and still quote them often. I can not remember those that didn’t inspire me.

  3. My wife spent decades as an Occupational Therapy (OT) practitioner before stepping into a classroom as an Associate Professor of OT. Boy, did her students benefit from her experience as well as learning the theory.