Figuring Out Your Characters From Their Menus And Choices

Photo by from Pexels

Hey there, hero!

I had a great opportunity today to put to use the idea of personal menus and top choices that we had looked at in a previous video.

And I was able to apply that to really exploring a dark character I had to create for an on-camera audition class I’m taking.

And I realized that we can use it not only for on-camera (and not only for very complex characters), but for VO and stage as well – and for characters that are short and sweet.

There’s also a fun quiz for you in this video.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I’m getting that you’re talking to two people, your abuser and a counsellor or authority figure in a hospital room after being brought in to the hospital because you’ve been physically hurt.

  2. My feeling is that you are in a couples therapy session with the therapist in front and your lover/abuser to your right. The fact that you are somewhat hesitant to use the word “sex” might be an indication that you are not actually comfortable discussing that aspect of your relationship – there could be a number of reasons for that. You are obviously still in love with this person, and are convinced that you need him or her. I would imagine the you are the one who has instigated the session.

    For myself, I always start by discovering what the scene is about. What do I want, what must be done, and what is standing in my way, how do I overcome the obstacle. So I guess that is my “menu.” Good work, by the way…

  3. Looks like you were in a courtroom. You did something wrong. You were abused by someone and you used that as an excuse to do the deed (kill or hurt somebody). You were looking back and forth from the abuser to the lawyer. Your menu item would be validation. You are validating your actions because of the abuse and the deep connection you feel for the abuser.

  4. I get the basic concept of the menu. I would probably have to practice it in order to get a better feel for it. I think you could be in a courtroom in the scene. Thanks for the video David.

  5. I’m lost. You did a good job expressing the shame and emotion an abused woman would have for someone she thought cared, and later found out that her feelings weren’t shared. But other than that I am afraid I need to go to your links of classes and learn a lot more.