13149: Auditions Are Not A Test

Hey there, hero!

Remember when you couldn’t wait to open your inbox…juuuust in case you had gotten an audition or seven while you were away from your email?

Remember that feeling of anticipation? Or curiosity? Or joy?

You likely had anything but a feeling of dread, right?

How do you feel now? Have things changed for you? Do you dread having to do an audition?

And most importantly, doing and audition “right?”

I want to help you regain the joy of that moment of getting an audition.

One way to do that is to quash the urge to look at auditions as something you get right and succeed, or you get wrong and you horribly fail.

I actually want you to be a bit selfish. Watch the podcast (or listen to it) to hear what I mean by that.

What’s the initial emotion you feel when you seen an audition headed your way? Why do you feel that way? Do you feel like you’re about to be tested? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. This resonates with me. When I started out auditions and rehearsals were delightful times to play and grow. Then somewhere along the line they became scary and dark. For example: Am I doing the “right: things the “right” way? or Am I being judged? …….. I prefer joy.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Yes, this resonates with me. I think that I do this without realizing it — trying to “get it right”. So funny because all throughout my actor’s training teachers were always emphasizing the point about not striving to do it “right”…and yet — it still happens!! AWWWWW..
    Thank you for the reminder.