13148: We Pursue Acting And VO Happiness. We Often Forget To Do One Thing.

Hey there, hero!

If you’re like me and you’re engaged in the pursuit of a successful, satisfying and profitable VO and acting career, you work really hard to get better.

Better at everything. Skills. Strategies. Planning. Execution. Results.

So things are a bit easier in the long run…

…so you can experience joy and happiness.

Let’s remember to take a moment to enjoy those achievements, and actually experience and savor the happiness we create. If not, why are we working so hard?

We can forget in the hard work it takes to get better, that the fruits of those labors are worth pausing the pursuits of those labors and grab a joyous whiff of satisfaction and happiness.

You deserve it. And doing so teaches you that there is lovely reward in hard work, not just hard work.

Do you give yourself the moments of happiness and joy you deserve? Might you do a bit more of that in the future? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. David,
    Loved this episode of the VOHeroes Podcast! Since I started narrating audiobooks, my husband, son and I celebrated every new accomplishment which I then share with our daughter on the phone. Whether it is an offer or compliment from a rights holder or a single audiobook sold, we celebrate. I told a friend of mine who suggested, I ring a bell each time to announce any exciting thing that happens in VO or anything else. We had a brass bell in our basement so I took her advice. I rang it for the first time and Bob and Bobby (husband and son) came running to where I was to see what was up. After that, Bob hung it on the wall in the kitchen! So now every time I have something good to announce, I ring the bell and we all hug, cheer and celebrate! It is fun every time!

    I want to thank you, Max and Victoria and all the coaches for your kindness, expertise, patience and persistence in helping me get to places I never thought I would go.