13150: It’s Not Just OK To Say No, It’s Great To Say No.

Hey there, hero!

You get a lot of choices in life, and some you very much want to take advantage of.

Others, not so much. Some are a hard “no.”

Especially if you don’t feel qualified or up to the task.

As a coach, there can be a tendency to not want to be perceived as anything less than a superman. That you’re capable of anything and helping anyone.

And I can tell you that this can apply to you as an actor or voice talent. We are encouraged to be as inclusive in our roles and auditions as we can.

I can also tell you that the more you qualify yourself (without being overly self-judgy) the better you’ll do at the things you end up saying yes to.

But when you say no to something, how does that make you feel? Do you feel good, or do you feel FOMO? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. This was perfect timing… I recently said “no” to a job offer that could have been great; however, the pay was substantially less than my current position. It wasn’t a VO job, but the no is still hard… Sometimes “no” is the right answer for the moment. Thank you for all of your insights!

  2. For me, I was so used to rejection that I almost said “No” because the gig seemed daunting. I didn’t think I could do it, but told myself that this was exactly why I’d been auditioning so much. I’d always been saying “Someday, I’ll get an offer and get this career on track.” and the next morning I woke up and realized that today was Someday! It was my very first audio book. I’d been auditioning for a full year and the offer to do a small series came out of the blue. I recognized that my impulse to say “No” came out of lack of confidence, and fear of the unknown and of failure. A year, and 8 books later, with 2 more to finish, I’m really glad I didn’t say “No”.