Your Lock. Their Key. Who Knew?

Hey there, hero!

I was supposed to have an hour long session with one of my Pros today, helping him prepare for his commercial demo recording session.

It was cut short, because I realized he was really resonating with another one of our coaches.

Karen-Eileen Gordon.

And he really was surprised that there was a learning connection there…because they are nothing like each other.

And it reminded me that being alike isn’t a metric for success.

Here’s what I mean.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Almost too much to unpack in just a few minutes. I’d love for you to get the chance to unpack the details of some of this. It’s important to many of us when the details are revealed, things suddenly become clear. It’s like a complicated math problem and seeing it being worked through brings realization that allow us to do problems of a similar nature. Thanks again!

  2. I worked with Karen-Eileen during one live workout and it was a surprise because she took over at the last minute for another coach. Her style was unique and I was somewhat taken aback by it at first. As the session went on, I realized that her exuberant style was fun, and that she had a lot of great incites to offer using her own unique style of coaching. I really enjoyed my session with her.
    After that, I made it a point to participate in a live workout with each of the other coaches to explore their own unique style of teaching. What I found is that all of the VOHeroes coaches have something a little different to offer, and I feel very fortunate to be part of this tribe.

  3. As we all learn differently, this makes complete sense. You know, some people are audio-learners, some are visual, some are sensory, etc. Some like to have a strict coach, and others like a laid back style.
    I learned this lesson, similar to your example, with a Rock and Pop choir I was in for about a year, not that long ago. The guy who had originally invited me to join, and was going to be the musical director, got another job offer after the first night, and left. He was replaced by a super nice bohemian gal who taught so differently that I didn’t know how I was going to learn from her (there was always a little lesson up front, a warm up, and then the singing). But wouldn’t you know it, after about 6 rehearsals I was suddenly spontaneously hearing harmonies to all the songs on the radio, something I had never been able to do before. And all because of Suzanne, the choir director. Had I not had her insight and super chill way of learning, this wouldn’t have happened.
    Good for you David for having different coaches with various styles….someone for everyone!