You’ll Never Believe Who Got Rejected By Harvard

Hey there!

We all have heard stories of people who have been rejected by schools like Harvard, and have still gone on to do great things.

There’s one person who took that ball and ran with it much further than most.

And something very similar happened to me.

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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and as the title says you will never
believe who got rejected by Harvard and
what an awesome thing it was that he was
rejected by Harvard I’m talking about
Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett as a kid applied at
Harvard he went met the area person that
talks to potential matriculate errs for
Harvard in Chicago he was living in
Omaha than his whole life and they
basically said ya know you don’t have
what it takes you don’t have what it
takes and right about that time I mean
he felt awful he had to go home and tell
his parents he went to Chicago for no
reason they rejected him but at the time
he had already started learning about
finances and investing and money
management and saw that the father of
value investing David Dodd and another
big luminary in that space Benjamin
Graham actually were teaching at
Columbia and here’s what he did he first
of all he’d read the book the book is
called security analysis and he wrote a
note that said dear professor Dodd I
thought you guys were dead but now I
found out that you’re alive and teaching
at Columbia I would really like to come
and they admitted him and you know he
said they were incredible in terms of a
teacher they were so inspiring together
he said it was like learning baseball
from somebody who was batting 400 it
shaped his professional life and so you
know what it drove home for me was even
though you may find that a door that you
really wanted to be open was closed in
your face or was never opened at all
another door another opportunity another
path is going to reveal itself and you
never know what’s going to happen
it could be even better than what would
have happened had you gotten what you
originally thought was so importantly
necessary to have heaven happened to me
and I’ll tell you this story I may tell
you the story again but my very first
booking in the world of on-camera
performance was as the puppet master on
heroes and it wasn’t supposed to be two
years earlier I don’t know how I got
booked on a show for Showtime and the
casting director called me she didn’t
know who my agent was because I didn’t
have an agent I don’t even know how I
got the audition I think somebody
recommended me and I was so green then I
I didn’t have an agent and she called
and she said okay you got it
who’s your agent I said I don’t have an
agent she said all right well then
here’s what we’re offering is that okay
with you and I’m like sure I don’t you
know I don’t know when do we start like
next Thursday and she’s like oh no no no
tomorrow morning 6:30 a.m. you’re on set
and I said well I can’t do that I have a
prior commitment I have a student film
that I had committed to and the student
film was only going to my scenes were
only going to be shot able to be shot
because the student involved had
contacted a traveling carnival that was
coming to town was setting up they
weren’t gonna be ready to open until one
o’clock in the afternoon but at the very
same time 6:30 in the morning we could
shoot for the first you know six or
eight hours that they were there and
already set up but just not open yet so
I said uh I don’t know what to do and
she goes well here’s what you do you
cancel the student film and you take
this this is this is like what you want
to do right this is like I gotta call
the student she goes okay call me back
so I called the student I told him what
was going on he goes dude if you bail on
me I’m totally screwed
i-i-i had this my only shot and i’m and
so i called her back and I said I can’t
do it and she was really mad she said
things akin to you’ll never work in this
town ever again for me and I’m like I
hadn’t worked in town to begin with so
and turns out we ended up becoming very
good friends and when she found out this
story she was very happy for me okay so
in this in this student film
I play a carnival or circus ringmaster
and you know it kind of reminds me of
Jim Broadbent the character I was
playing reminds me of Jim Broadbent in
Moulin Rouge you know with the the man
Skara and the guyliner
and the Rouge and you know I and and so
I played this creepy ringmaster that you
know had a little bit of an accent you
know and as I was shooting that Friday
morning I thought to myself a number of
times what have I done I mean the
student was great and he man he was a
real author we actually won some awards
with the film but I thought what have I
I was supposed to do you know my goal
here is to become an on-camera
actor and I had a terrific opportunity
to break this is one of those really
awesome Showtime shows that was very
very deep and dark and anyway something
about this and I just let it go and and
it was great and again the the film
ended up winning a couple of film
festivals and so fast forward two years
later and I get this opportunity to
audition for heroes and when I go to the
audition I see all these people that are
very recognizable but I’m not I’m like
you know I’m like the odd duck here and
I thought to myself at the time okay
they’re looking for like a Dark Horse
they’re just looking for something
different and then I booked it and then
about eight months or nine months later
the wrap party in March of the following
year for that season I’m sitting there
with the casting people and we were
chatting and just out of the blue jason
says hey Natalie you want to tell him
why we brought him in for for the
audition and she said because you really
creeped us out with one of the scenes in
your in your reel you played some some
ringmaster or something you were really
creepy we thought oh maybe he’ll make a
great puppet master who knows we figured
we’d take a flier
so think about that had I not done that
maybe I still would have gotten the
opportunity to work on heroes but if I
hadn’t kept my word
and I hadn’t kept that appointment and I
hadn’t pissed off that other is pissed
off okay for work I don’t
know that other casting director I might
never have gotten the opportunity to do
the role that changed my life so again
one door closes or you close the door
where you keep a door that you had open
open the variations are incredibly
immense and you never know what that
other opportunity is going to provide
does that ever happen to you maybe you
were gonna take a job and you decided
take another one and it turned out
really well
or maybe you were gonna go out with
someone you didn’t want to and then
turns out it was awesome you met your
soul mate if you have an example like
this where ever you’re seeing this video
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whatnot whatever it is leave me a
comment let me know what your thoughts
are in this whole serendipitous thing
and the buffets story you know he did
pretty well for himself not going to
Harvard being rejected by Harvard if you
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that I’m David H Lawrence the 17 and I
really appreciate you watching these
videos and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. Thank you – When I considering this theme I think of the Dick Rowe for his legendary “polite let down” then Barry Gordy for his year of reluctance and the Primettes for their year of persistence.


  2. In May 2016, the state office I worked in closed abruptly. I had been in state service for 38 years. I had been volunteering for an agency whose mission was to read local news and broadcast special programs and events for people who were unable to read independently due to visual or physical impairments. A month after I told the Executive Director about losing my job, she offered me a very part time position working one day a week which I gratefully accepted. Ten days after the office I worked in closed, I got called in for an audition for a local TV commercial. I didn’t get the spot and that was okay. It got me to concentrate on my marketing as a voice actor. Losing the state job turned out to be a Godsend as my husband who had end stage liver disease needed me with him for all the doctor appointments and hospital visits he had. During this time period I got other auditions, commercials and a long term elearning gig. None of these things would have worked out for me had the state office stayed open and I continued to work full time. My husband thankfully received a liver transplant on October 3rd. He had extended hospital stays. But I did not have the worry of the responsibilities of the full time job weighing on me. Losing my full time job was serendipitous…yes. A Godsend….absolutely!!

    Thank you for this insightful video!