Getting Ready vs. Getting Started

Hey there!

I teach a $10 course called Getting Started in Voice Over (it was free when I made this video, and now it’s simply “a total freakin’ bargain”).

And I didn’t even realize it when I named it that way back in 2009, but that title has a very specific and very useful advantage.

Especially compared to what it could have been called.

Getting Started In Voice Over:

Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and way back in 2009 when I’d been
teaching vo to gogo for a while and it
was suggested to me that it might make
sense to offer a free class that just
helps people understand what they need
to know to get started some people don’t
even know what they don’t know and so I
decided to create a class called getting
started in voiceover and when I called
it that I had no idea how important it
was to use the phrase getting started
right it could have been called getting
ready to do voiceover and recently I saw
something that made me think about the
difference between getting ready and
getting started right I read an article
about somebody who wasn’t getting a lot
of stuff done because they were kind of
wrapped up in a preparation ritual like
before I can do anything everything has
to be lined up perfectly all my pencils
have to be in a row I have to have it
was a it was somebody who is making
sales calls and spending the first
couple of hours at work just organizing
that process shouldn’t take that long to
organize the process but what they found
was they were addicted to the idea of
not getting started until everything was
getting ready was more important than
actually getting started and you got to
realize this is one of the biggest
limiting beliefs that we have is that we
can’t start something until everything
is absolutely perfect it’s the fear of
failure and it’s an instance of what
Steven Pressfield in the war of art and
in do the work the two books that he
wrote about this subject calls the
resistance monster right you’re
resistant to getting started so imagine
if my class was called getting ready to
do voiceover as opposed to getting
started in voiceover
you don’t want to be confusing this by
the way with warm-ups or stretches or
organizing something that’s kind of
messy and disparate maybe making sense
out of something that’s confusing but
you do want to get on with it even if
it’s not perfect especially if it’s not
perfect right do that first thing and
the second thing will be a snap it
really will don’t spend a lot of time
getting ready organizing making sure
that all your pencils are in the same
direction pointing the same way just do
it ready shoot aim we talked about that
in another video but don’t be afraid of
that resistance monster right don’t be
afraid to just dive right in and get
things going because the results will
show that you got started rather than
you spent a good deal of time getting
ready to get started so getting ready
versus getting started
opt for get started do that very first
step and then the second step and the
third step and the fourth step there’ll
be a whole lot easier I’m wondering if
this is something that you’ve thought
about it’s like you know when I get up
in the morning I need to journal for
about an hour I need to get everything
squared away I need to make sure that
everything is just perfect before I get
started is that you or are you somebody
that dives right in or dives right in
with a little tiny bit of just reminding
yourself where you’re going that’s what
I do when I get up in the morning I
remind myself where I’m going I look at
my notebook and then I go for it I don’t
wait I don’t try to figure out how to
make everything perfect I wonder how it
is for you no matter where you’re
watching this video let me know in the
comments below I hope you’re watching it
at vo to go go comm because that’s where
all the good stuff is that you can take
advantage of but wherever you’re
watching it leave me a comment below let
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I’m David H Lawrence 217th I thank you
so much for watching these one-a-day
videos and I will talk to you tomorrow.



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  1. I’m a little OCD David. So I have a routine I follow every day. From the time I step out of bed until the time I crawl back in. It works for me. And it helps me maintain my “bias for action”. And yes, I need to do the things I’ve got planned in a certain order so that I feel good about my work and the quality of that work. It’s a little weird, but it works for me.

  2. I am one to organize in advance so I know what I need to do the next day, I on occasion find that I can get stuck in preparing especially if I am unsure of what I want or need to do next. I have found that I get in that space when I have spare time on my hands. If I am busy and in crisis mode I just make it happen.

    1. So sorry you were disappointed, Bruce. What could I have done to help you understand what I was trying to say? Are you someone who jumps right in without excessive “org time”?

  3. Before I take every VO2GoGo class I copy the PDF information into a google doc. I can’t watch the class videos if I don’t. Sometimes I just want to dive into the video, but I have to do this ritual first. I think on some level it helps a little with retention, and I honestly enjoy having the google docs as reference with little added notes about things that I thought were extra important. But as I said, there are times when I just want to jump into the video. Thanks for this video David. No preparation required 🙂

  4. I’m sure that fear of failure is what’s stopping me from starting. It’s a big step putting myself out there, especially after having a few false starts in the past. I’m working on two things right now that are both putting me out of my comfort zone so I tell myself “I’ll just take this one more workshop” or “I’ll just wait until I can take that one more class”. Time to boldly go where I’ve never gone before!! Thanks for the reminder David.

  5. I found this helpful. Sometimes the anticipation and hope of what could be success keeps people from starting many things because if they fail it becomes disappointing. Thank you for this. I’ll keep watching and moving forward with the process.