Trevor’s Three A’s From Apple On Killing Customers With Kindness

Hey there!

In one of my other videos, I gave you the sentence that makes dealing with angry customers a much better experience for both them and me.

My buddy (and VO2GoGo coach) Trevor, who used to work for Apple, shared with me the way they codify that process.

They call it the Three A’s.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and in one of the other videos that I
made in this once a day video challenge
thing that I’m doing this year I talked
about killing customers who are upset
with you with kindness how I approach
things and I’ll tell you if there’s
somebody that I really respect in my
life it’s Trevor all God who’s one of my
coaches for vo – go go he used to work
for Apple and he used to work for Apple
in Apple stores training people on how
to use logic and everybody that works in
that kind of position gets trained by
Apple on how to do customer service and
they actually codify that whole thing
that whole process remember the phrase
that I used was I completely understand
how you feel and I would feel the same
way if I were in your position so he
wrote me a note after he saw that video
and he said here’s what I learned at
Apple that was kind of right along those
lines and it was triple-a the three A’s
and the A’s were acknowledged aligned
and assure so acknowledge the customers
problem acknowledge the fact that they
feel frustrated acknowledge the fact
that their expectations aren’t being met
you know I understand the problem that
you’re having I absolutely get how
frustrated you are so that
acknowledgement is really important
because it instantly relieves them of
the idea that you don’t understand
you’re just like talking to them you’re
just like talking to them to get them
out of the the Genius Bar or wherever
they are so number one acknowledge
number two a line meaning you connect
with them in a way that you say kind of
like I’d feel exactly the same way you
do I’d be frustrated about this too I
can see how this would be really
difficult to get your work done if this
was happening with your computer or with
your your iPhone or whatever it is that
you’re helping them with so acknowledge
and then align and then the third one is
assure and that is that we’re going to
find a solution together when we get
done you’re gonna be all set up we’re
gonna take care of you and you’re gonna
oh that you put your trust in the right
company to buy your technology from and
to use to choose what software to use
we’re gonna take care of this and I
think that’s just great I think we keep
that in mind as we deal with all of our
customers and remember who are our
customers everybody right and you got to
come off
organic with this you can’t make it
sound like it’s a rehearsed speech
especially with loved ones you know cuz
that’s when your loved ones go dad
you’re doing the whole acknowledge align
a sure thing aren’t you you know you’ve
got to make it organic you’ve got to
make it big and the way to do that is to
be sincere about it’s the way to do that
is to actually be working from a
position of serving whoever your
customer is and in whatever role being
aware of whatever role they’re playing
in your life or at that particular
moment that you’re playing and it’s
interesting because I just had an
interaction with my daughter who is a
musician and a session singer and an
audiobook narrator she’s on her sixth
audio book oh my god
with her about her headphones
now as my daughter you know I want to
help her out I want to be friendly I
want to be supportive as her appear in
the business I want to make sure that
she has the best tools she possibly can
have and so I sent her my earbuds the
ones that I use all the time that are
and then I recommend that my clients use
and I called her up to make sure that
they got there and we had a conversation
about how they fit and how they work and
when to use them and how loud to roll
them and how to balance her her at2020
USB plus so that they work the best at
that moment she was yes she was my
daughter but at that moment she was also
my client and she had originally called
me because she said that the earbuds
that she had weren’t working they were
staticky sounded like a wire was broken
and I said here’s how I think we can fix
this but the role that she played as a
customer when she was having problems I
wanted to make sure she understood how I
felt about it and how I was gonna help
her and that I acknowledged the the
issue that she was having that I too
would have felt that way the alignment
and then the assuring of you know we’ll
take care of this we’ll get this squared
away and it had to be done in a way that
wasn’t it didn’t sound rehearsed it and
and it’s easy to do don’t just have the
words in mind but have the the service
in mind that you’re doing with the
customer you’re gonna make this customer
a raving fan in whatever role they’re
playing you’re gonna make them a raving
fan that’s the way to do it I think what
do you think what have you done I mean I
know a lot of you have commented on that
other video but this whole acknowledged
a-line is sure thing is that that
resonate with you does that help is that
something you could put on a little card
and/or a sticky note and put on your
computer let me know in the comments
below I’d love to know wherever you’re
hearing this or viewing this give me a
give me a shout out and tell me what’s
going on with you in the comments below
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I’m David H Lawrence 17th I thank you so
much for watching and I will talk to you



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  1. So that’s the secret! And most AppleCare reps are fantastic at the three A’s, which is why I’ve been a happy customer since I bought my first Macintosh, an SE/30, in 1988.

  2. Enjoyed listening to this before I start a full day of directing voice actors. I can see how I might be able to incorporate that sense of support for each talent while they work. As a director, I am there to support them and help them get the “performance” they need. Any issues come up, I can apply a version of these Three As to help. Great vldeo sir.Thank you!

  3. As a massage therapist, I can attest that those words are the most powerful stress relievers without without actually touching a person. It’s like a massage for the mind. Once a person’s stress level is reduced, then and only then, can constructive and effective communication can occur.

  4. I can feel the situation diffused already!

    Working from a position of “serving” is the mindset to remember.
    Thanks for the AAA, totally resonates with Me.