There Is No Failure, Only Feedback

Hey there!

When I saw that phrase, it really resonated with me.


Because with failure comes shame. But with feedback comes value.

Here’s how to turn this into a weapon for success.

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Hope this helps!


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hey there it’s David H Lawrence the 17th
and I’ve got a new mantra for you for me
for everybody I heard this probably 10
15 maybe 20 years ago and then every so
often it popped back up in my life and
it just did recently and I want to share
it with you because it’s been really
valuable for me and that is there is no
failure there is only feedback now
clearly you can look at things any way
you want success versus failure but you
can also choose how to take in a failure
and know that it works every single time
– instead of calling it all to failure I
failed I didn’t succeed it’s awful woe
is me they’re gonna find out I’m a fake
they’re gonna find out I’m a failure but
the thing is from every situation you
learn something from every single event
whether it’s a successful event or a
failure you still learn and you get
feedback either feedback from
observation you saying okay I did this
that didn’t work let’s do something else
or from somebody else saying yeah that
didn’t work for me or did you get
feedback and so there’s this feedback
loop and the thing is failure tends to
cause shame right you failed so you’re
awful or you failed and so you shouldn’t
try that again or you failed and you’ll
never be able to do it you failed and
you’re embarrassed you failed your
family you failed your friends you
failed your your peers your production
partners whatever it is it starts to
turn into shame
feedback on the other hand it’s kind of
a neutral phrase when it comes to shame
versus pride and it always has value
right so when you look at things as
feedback opportunities rather purely as
failure all of a sudden you get to turn
that whole thing that whole loop into a
weapon in your favor moving you towards
success remember I’ve mentioned this a
couple times I’ll probably mention a
million more times before all of these
once-a-day videos are done for the year
but my recipe for success is do more of
what works and less of what doesn’t now
if you wanted to you could change that
phrase into always succeed and never
fail kind of hard to do that and that’s
not what I mean by it what I mean is
examine what’s going on take feedback
give yourself honest feedback ask for
honest feedback and be ready to accept
it I’m gonna talk in another video about
when we when we deal with feedback we
have this immediate defensive mechanism
it’s like okay be gentle with me now it
doesn’t matter if you’re gentle with me
or not I can tell when feedback is
offered constructively and I can tell
when feedback is designed to insult and
hurt and have negative consequences but
feedback in general is valuable no
matter what form it takes and so if you
insert the word feedback for failure
meaning I get feedback from everything I
do no matter what level of success I
achieve it becomes a very valuable loop
for you and I hope that the next time
you fail miserably you look at it with
some happiness you know I mean look at
all the feedback you’re gonna get look
at all the cool things you’re gonna find
out look at all the things you’re gonna
learn what not to do right does this
make sense to you wherever you’re seeing
this video give me a comment
below and tell me if what I’m saying
makes a difference if it gives you
another tool to make your life better
I’d love to know what you think and
hopefully you’re watching this video at
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do I’m David H Lawrence the 17th I thank
you so much for watching and I’ll talk
to you tomorrow.



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  1. Dave,

    This message came at just the right moment, as just yesterday I was wrestling with how to better frame those situations. I recently had some harsh criticism on something, and even though I always say I’m “making lemonade”, this incident was particularly tough to gel with. The way you phrased the idea is magnificent, and has already helped me to breath easier. Thank you for this at just this moment.