Wow. People Really Grokked Biases. Let’s Tackle Fallacies.

Hey there!

The last two videos I released dealt with common biases we have when we analyze ideas and issue presented to us. And viewers commented and sent me private email like crazy.

OK. Let’s talk about biases’ more insidious and dangerous cousins: fallacies. Fallacies are traps we fall into that prevent us from moving forward because there’s a problem with the logical progression of our thinking.

Let’s look at a few that were gathered in a list by August Birch, who calls himself the Book Mechanic, who tries to help his clients the way I try to help my viewers: to think more clearly and be more successful. We’ll examine 3 big ones today, and the rest over the next few episodes.

Hope this helps!



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  1. The unit fallacy struck a note. A family member started a few years ago setting meetings and parties at odd times, like 6:23pm or 1:47 etc. Drove me nuts. I found myself always working in 15 minute increments. So instead of say 6:23, it would become 6:15 or 6:30 depending on the importance of the meeting.