Three More Fallacies You Need To Watch For

Photo by Justin Chrn on Unsplash

Hey there!

Fallacies are everywhere. You tend to notice them when it’s more convenient or more aligned with what you already believe.

But the ones in this episode are particularly pernicious when it comes to starting or continuing a process or project.

Be careful with these.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Re the sunk cost fallacy… I spent over $20,000 on training and equipment and sound-proofing a home studio to do audiobook narration, and I earned a grand total of $2853.75 in 2018 before I realized I had made a bad business decision. It’s so crazy because I’ve been doing voiceover since I was eight years old, and I don’t understand why I was not picked at ACX except once for a royalty share. I still don’t understand it. I listen to my own work on Audible, and I think I’m good. So if you have the time to listen to any of my clips and can advise me of what is not good about my work, I would appreciate your input.

    It’s just devastating since narrating audiobooks was how I was going to finance my writing career, and now I’m looking into proofreading and other hustles. I tell myself that despite being a professional actress who got vested in SAG by doing commercials that I was not chosen because God has other plans for me, but I don’t actually know. I’m just sad that my dream turned into ashes.

    So thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder. Who knows? Maybe I’m meant to write the Great American Novel and that’s why it turned out this way. But if I do, who will narrate it?

  2. Veleka, I am so sorry to hear your significant investment hasn’t born much fruit up to this point. I remember hearing you workout on our pro calls and thinking you sounded wonderful and would surely be in demand. It is disheartening to read the harsh reality of your experience after perceiving and having you confirm your all-in commitment financially and otherwise. I hope there is a snowball effect to the investment you’ve sown that continues to build and ultimately lead to the results you anticipated albeit in a longer time frame.