What’s Your Imprint?

Photo by Vishnu Prasad on Unsplash

Hey there!

Miss Betsy and I just watched Game 6 of the Golden State – Houston playoff series. Houston has lost to the Warriors every single year they’ve played them in the playoffs in the Steph Curry era.

And after the virtual high-fives when the Warriors won to advance to take on the winner of Trail Blazers – Nuggets series, which has gone to 7 games, she said something really interesting.

She said she wonders if winning is imprinted for one team (the Warriors) and struggling and eventually losing is becoming an imprint on the Rockets.

As the crowd noise faded, that stuck with me. And it made me wonder about everyone’s individual imprint. So…what’s your imprint?

Hope this helps!



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  1. A major imprint, but one that had underlain my early life was, “I can’t let anyone know who I am.” It was finally defeated and overcome by more positive and affirming imprints beginning in my late 20s. (Times were very different then.)

    But underlying all from as early as I can recall the imprint was, “Let me help.” That has guided my major life choices like career and peer group throughout my life—still does.

    But more and more, beginning in my late maturity, my guiding imprint has been, “I haven’t got time for that.”

  2. Particularly in my early days, I would tell myself, “I’m a professional, d*mmit.” It helped me stay polite with irritating customers, feel confident when quoting rates, and double-check my work before I sent a file to a client.