3 More Biases You Should Also Be Aware Of

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Hey there!

In the last video, I looked at 3 common biases that we all can suffer with when deciding what to believe, what to support, what to reject and what to act or not act on.

Being aware of these biases might help you with effective critical thinking, and sorting out issues and priorities when we’re planning our actions.

In this video, I’ll share another 3 of these biases, along with some strategies for identifying and avoiding them.

Hope this helps!



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  1. You have always had a very generous attitude and are consistently willing to share what you know or believe. Your series on biases is a very good example.
    I would tend to be a little skeptical of number 3 in only that there simply is not enough time to ignore lessons already lrarned. If you have touched a hot stove you have no need to further explore that experirnce.
    The general theme of your dissertation is helpful as long as you don’t forget your bias #2 lesson.
    Thank you once again for your sense of mission.

  2. So important to decipher: “who’s thought is this really anyway?- Dads, Moms? or truly Mine?” A counselor had Me think about that way back when, I have forgotten how important that is to ask when making a decision.