Why Not Wade? And…Why Not You?

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Hey there!

I make a confession in this video: I’m a huge fan of singing competition shows like American Idol. I watch them fanatically.

And one of the finalists this year caught my eye and ear with something he said that I think we can all use as we continue on our performer journey.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, this is a video you want to watch.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Wowsers, this one spoke to me, David! Just last night I wrote, “Why would anyone want my voice over the thousands of other good voices out there,” to a friend …

    This will be my new daily (?!) mantra during auditions.

  2. Like The War of Art spot, this video speaks to me, as I’m sure it does to others. Feeling like I wasn’t ready for on-camera work is similar to the idea of “Why me?” Why was I the one getting the part? Why was I the one filming scenes for a TV show? Why me, when so many others had so much more experience and training? As my confidence slowly grew during shooting, I slowly shifted from “Why me?” to “I’m doing it. I’m really doing it!” In other words, “Why not me?” Thanks for the video David.

  3. I loved this part:

    “Look at you. Look at how great you are.”

    Thank you for this David!