Audiobook Narrators: How Paymasters Work, And The One I Recommend

Photo by EVG photos from Pexels

Hey there!

Kate Marcin watched one of these videos on audiobooks and how you get paid, and had a question about how paymasters work.

Here’s the answer, and what to expect when you use a paymaster for properly accounting for and getting paid for the hard work you do for your audiobook clients.

The paymaster I recommend:
Noah Michael Levine at Skywire Paymaster Services

Hope this helps!



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    1. The paymasters I’m referring to are union signatories, so not in the context of what I’m referring to here (just the opposite). There are so many ways that a union member working off their card can be discovered it doesn’t make sense to risk that further by using a paymaster to try and hide the payment that way. What are your thoughts?