Audiobook Narrators: How Paymasters Work, And The One I Recommend

Photo by EVG photos from Pexels

Hey there!

Kate Marcin watched one of these videos on audiobooks and how you get paid, and had a question about how paymasters work.

Here’s the answer, and what to expect when you use a paymaster for properly accounting for and getting paid for the hard work you do for your audiobook clients.

The paymaster I recommend:
Noah Michael Levine at Skywire Paymaster Services

Hope this helps!



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  1. Hey David, is this the same system (paymaster) as in Canada or just the US?

  2. I’m sure it would work in both countries, but I’d contact them to be sure.

    1. The paymasters I’m referring to are union signatories, so not in the context of what I’m referring to here (just the opposite). There are so many ways that a union member working off their card can be discovered it doesn’t make sense to risk that further by using a paymaster to try and hide the payment that way. What are your thoughts?