The Art Of Shouting

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Hey there, hero!

Who knew that shouting realistically when doing voice over work was a thing?

It is.

And how you handle both the execution and recording of that particularly odd vocal approach can make or break how real it actually sounds.

Here’s a permission slip to do it well.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I’ve tried shouting just to practice. In my little closet with clothes that I sit in, turning away from the mic didn’t stop me from overdriving the mic. What should I do in this scenario? Turn the gain down before recording the shout then turn it back up again afterwards?

  2. The main problem I have, in addition to over driving the mic, is that when I back off and shout off-axis, it can bring out any deficiencies in studio acoustics. Reverberations that die out before reaching the mic in normal performances, suddenly appear.

  3. I had an audition yesterday that required shouting. I backed up to the edge of my booth and looked off axis. But I wish I would’ve cut the gain by 50% of so and just yelled! So in short, I wish I would’ve watched this yesterday!

  4. I’ll usually turn off axis and lower the input gain for shouting. Might have to do a couple of takes to get the right combination. It does make a world of difference over trying to fake it! Thanks, David.