On Never, Ever, Ever Booking With That Certain Casting Office

Photo by christopher lemercier on Unsplash

Hey there, hero!

I just got back from both an on-camera audition, and a very rare in-studio VO audition.

Like…there’s a sun and stuff.

In both cases, I was going in for the umpteenth time for each…and neither have ever cast me for a role.

And it was 100% awesome.

Hope this helps!



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  1. David, you are such a gift to us, in so many flavors! Today’s tip is so valuable, and ‘resets my odometer’ to let us come in clean and fresh each time. Thank you! Thank you!

  2. I see that Tim found a way to reply and it gave me impetus to try until I found the magic formula.
    I’ll post in feedback.
    As to today’s video. I can’t agree with you more, David. I would be thrilled if CDs thought of me enough and thought enough of me to call me in over and over. What a blessing.
    I’m sure that you work very hard to leave that good impression.

  3. I’m just starting out, so I haven’t had this experience yet, but I hope to soon. Love your attitude and I will do my best to emulate it. Thanks!!!

  4. This is such an important perspective to have and maintain, David. Difficult at times, but so necessary in order to be able to survive in this business. Thank you!!

  5. I had the same experience years ago and just kept going back. Each time was new. They kept bringing me back in so they must have seen something they liked. Also, they got to see my range and that helped with the future auditions. Then, boom! I landed a national commercial and made a boatload of money through them. Yeah! Entertainment is a marathon, slow and steady.