Some Lovely News For ACX And Findaway Audiobook Narrators

Image by sindrehsoereide from Pixabay

Hey there, hero!

I just got back from the SAG-AFTRA union hall here in LA, where I attended a meeting of the Audiobook Narrator’s Steering Committee, which I adore serving on.

And I got some really juicy tidbits, that I was officially given the go-ahead to share.

I had to sit through the whole meeting to hear this, but it was worth the wait.

And it will be great for you, too!

Hope this helps!



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  1. Awesome!!! Fantastic news!! Would you send me a link to the step by step procedure for submitting a project for the SAG/AFTRA Health and Retirement opportunity? I’d love to get started!

  2. Fabulous News, David! It will be easy to explan to Authors when ACX updates their Union Talent Section. I usually just copy and paste their verbiage with quotations and I’ll probably give the author a choice as to which style of payment meets their budget. Of course, God willing, if negotiating with a well known author, I’ll suggest the Royalty Share andPension & Health that is in my best interest!. You continue to be the Best Coach out there!!

  3. This is good news! The bar for audiobook narrators just got a lot lower from what it was. 🙂 Here’s to hoping one day I’ll be there. Time to go audition some more!

  4. Hi David, I was told by a person in the P&H department that we could collect our P&H even if we weren’t current members but had reached the numbers we need? Is this not true?