MOO “Networking For People Who Hate Networking” Tip #5: Schedule Guarding

Photo by Mark Leishman on Unsplash

Hey there, hero!

One last networking tip from the printer of all things business, MOO, for you, and I saved a great one for last.

Networking is a practice, a pursuit, that has a goal. And part of your goal should be to better yourself.

If you’re finding that you’re not meeting the right kind of people at the networking events you’re going to, I have some harsh, tough love to shower on you.

Link to MOO stuff:

Hope this helps!



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  1. I am still working a full-time “bread trade“ for now, but I look forward to the day (soon!) when I will be able to dive headfirst into networking (and everything else connected w/VO). Until then, I will chronicle these videos in my mind, for future reference. Great stuff!

  2. I like your comment about doing your homework about any event your going to. I experienced the downside of NOT doing my homework in the past, and I know I missed out on some important opportunities. Thanks David.

  3. Right off the bat, this was speaking to me. Our recent event at my theater company at which you graciously spoke and shared your expertise could have been more productive for all of us. I now know that, as the event planner myself, I relied on my past experience with our similar event last year, thinking that because of its success, I simply didn’t need to put as much effort into curating our audience. Sure, I sent out all the emails, posted on social media, etc., but I failed in the area of personal communication which always makes a huge difference. I know from those who attended the event that they really enjoyed the presentation and got a lot out of it, but that group should have been at least four times its size. I have some friends who’ve had lots of success in the voiceover world and to whom I might have reached out to engage their support but I sat back and just let the event happen. It’s great to hold an event that has the potential to excite and motivate people, but that can only happen when the effort is made to get those people in the room! Thanks, David. I know this isn’t really addressing the area of choosing events wisely, but it’s related and got me thinking. Thanks for all you do, and all you’ve done for me!