Performers SHOULD NOT Upgrade to MacOS Catalina (As of November 2019)

IMPORTANT UPDATE (watch this more recent video on the subject):

Hey there, hero!

I can’t be any clearer about this.

This video is a cautionary tale as I take arrow after arrow in the back leading as your guide.

I had no choice – the new Mac Mini I’m using for my new studio had Catalina pre-installed, with no ability to downgrade back to an earlier MacOS.

Please watch this, and stay safe.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I upgraded, and immediately has many, many issues. I called Apple and they walked me thru using on of my old back ups (please tell me you have a current one – mine was 6 months old) to reinstall Mojave. It took me 2 days to get all back to normal. Mostly because of my older backup.

  2. Great info, but yes, sadly a little too late. I upgraded right when Catalina came out, not knowing about the huge shift. Many of the Applications I used, including Rosetta Stone and Finale, Are no longer an option. According to Apple support, you can downgrade back to Mojave if you have a recent time machine back up. Stupidly, I do not

  3. Oh gawd! It’s been hell in a hand basket. Basically, I learned how to go through the terminal to work audacity (it’s not as crappy as one would think but it is inconvenient). I will say this has forced me to know my apps and software better and I’m choosing to be thankful for that instead of cry over Catalina. Hah!

  4. Thanks for the heads up. My 9 year old MacBook Air has become sluggish and I see it’s end of life care coming soon. I’ve been looking at the Mac Mini, now I’ll avoid it like the plague and look for a non-Catalina MacBook.

    Of course, we should all remember Rule #1 of Mac users; never take the beta or gen 1 upgrades on anything. Wait for the bug fixes and updated version so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Difficult to do when all the new Macs come with the demon software.

  5. Gasp! Thanks for the warning, and for taking the hit, however unwillingly. I only just updated my elderly (late 2012) iMac to Mojave and I lost my even MORE elderly Photoshop CS5. I don’t even know if Catalina would run on my machine, but I’m not in any hurry to find out. Yikes!

  6. Thanks for the warning and wisdom. I have not upgraded but so glad I saw this from you. As always, you lead from the front and care for your tribe. Best to you David!

  7. So bummed that I didn’t have this info earlier. I did the upgrade, and then a week later heard from Finale that I shouldn’t do it….and now your video…..aaargh! Can I help at least my Finale program ??