The Gear I Recommend…And Use Myself

Hey there, hero!

I’ve been asked many many many many times what gear I use for my work on mic, on camera and to run my business.

A long time ago, I decided to keep a running list of those items, and I just recently updated that list because one of my coaches had a microphone cable fail, and asked what cable I recommended as a replacement.

So…after I got her squared away, I added that cable to my gear list.

I thought you might like to know all the things I use and recommend as well.

For all of my gear, start here:

Hope this helps!



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  1. Hi David,
    Just checking over your “my gear page” on VO heroes- Nov. 2019. I know you were touting a mac mini in your work. Any thoughts about the new mac mini 1 – the pros and cons for VO actors. Any problems with using Audacity and MacOS Big Sur? Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. As soon as I’m finished testing my new MacBook Air M1 (with Apple Silicon), I’ll likely be making some changes to My Gear – it has no fan, so it’s the likeliest candidate. It’s just software compatibility that I’m concerned about.