People Can’t See You If There’s Something In The Way

Hey there, hero!

After leading an on-mic workout for my Pros, and a long day’s work on my business, I thought I’d catch up on episodes of The Voice I’m behind on.

And Blake Shelton, in coaching his pros, came up with words that are game-changers.

And here’s how you can put his words to work.

Hope this helps!



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  1. My gosh. That so reminds me of the Jim Dial character on the Murphy Brown series. His character was so stilted you suspected he was in a perpetual state of constipation. I’m glad it doesn’t have to be, and indeed shouldn’t be, like that in voice work.

  2. How do you do it? What does your day look like? I ask because you read, watch, and gather so much information and then share it with us. It is amazing. I’m still trying to get through my 900 plus saved emails. I’d love to know how you manage your day. Thanks