Mental Floss To The Rescue: Skills You Can Pick Up On YouTube

Hey there!

As I record this video, summer is approaching, and with it, some time to take a break, and maybe pick up a new skill.

Mental Floss, one of my favorite online (and offline) magazines, has got just the ticket for you to learn something awesome. 50 tickets, as a matter of fact. A recent article on MF links to 50 things you can learn by watching free videos on YouTube.

Here are a dozen of what I think might be the most interesting to performers.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I don’t know if it’s a special skill, but I can do basic baton twirling. It came in handy during a local community theater production of Hello Dolly. I ended up leading the parade scene. Who would have thought that something you learned in elementary school would be useful many, many moons later?!?

  2. I learned how to fly an airplane some years ago, and actually got my private pilot’s license. Oh, and I do voiceover and voice acting.

  3. I learned to yodel on the internet… and it led to one of my most interesting VO jobs.

    As for unique skills, I can impersonate a camel.

  4. I feel confident saying I’ve got special skills for days and they have come in very handy over the years. A trained dancer, choreographer, mime, Cirque clown, face painting, balloon animals, costume designer/construction, puppet maker, bead and jewelry designer, watercolor & acrylic painter, sketch artist, and animal handler. When I don’t know something I always head over to YouTube. For tech questions, there is always a knowledgable 11-year-old ready to help with the answer. Lol. Yoga is fantastic on YouTube. Yoga With Adriene has saved my back and neck this year. Love her.