Not Just Explainer Videos, But Video That Explain Things Spectacularly

Hey there!

Adam Lisagor makes what we affectionately call “explainer videos,” but he does it for really well known products like StichFix, Etsy, Lyft, Slack, Square, and AirBnB. And hundreds of others.

He knows a thing or two about making effective video. Here are five things he says you should pay attention to.

Hope this helps!



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  1. David,

    One thing you said struck a chord with me as I had thought this in January when you started these daily videos. I always feel like you are talking to me and only to me. It is our conversation for the day and I look forward to them. I have this “I wanna be like Mike” feeling every day. I want to emulate how you draw me in. It’s not easy but I am trying.

    Thank you again and I look forward to talking to you tomorrow!!


  2. MaryZajac – your comment was SPOT-ON and I feel exactly the same way! So there you have it, DHLXVII! More encouraging cheers!