Let’s Do It Again: Ask Me Anything II, Electric Boogaloo

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Hey there, hero!

Earlier in this series of videos, I held an AMA.

That’s an Ask Me Anything session.

Let’s do it again – it’s been 4 months or so, and lots of things have changed.

In the 290th video in the next week or so, I’ll be looking through all the comments you’ve left for the first 289 videos, and grabbing any really good questions you might have and answering them.

You can also “ask me anything” via email: just send your question to me, at [email protected], with the letters AMA in the subject line.

I’ll try to answer all the questions I get – and it can be about anything you want to know about: VO, acting, on-camera presence, internet marketing, productivity, radio, TV, film, even the process and products I use to put out these videos.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Thanks for inviting us to ask. I want to improve how I stay connected with clients; new ones and those I have worked with in the past. It’s easy to work together and move on, losing touch. I want to nurture the good relationships that were built from working together and in doing so, keep that door open for new opportunities. So, my question for you David is how do you care for the working relationships you build with your clients?

    1. The first thing to know is that there are over 500,000 podcasts being produced in the world right now…some say more like 750,000. After that, if you still insist on shouting into the grand canyon, make sure your audio is GREAT. The rodecaster makes it the easiest – or a simulcrum of that piece of gear – and a passion for great audio. Once you have that , make sure the content is “meaty”. Don’t try to stretch out a segment into 20 minutes, if it can be covered in 5. One of the top top podcasts right now clocks in @ 10 min. It isn’t easy to do.

      1. I’m sure the Rodecaster is great, but I need six channels. My podcast is going to be five or six people playing Dungeons and Dragons for 3-4 hours, which I’ll probably break down into hour long chunks.

  2. the more i watch these, the more i have some to respect for your commitment.
    Amazing accomplishment.

    some coaches say “anyone can be successful in VO”. Agree? or is there SOME talent needed.
    Not many fat strippers, ya know?

    Why are there so few viewings? Surely folks have figured out that this is fantastic content?

    Why are most of the P to P sites so…dodgy?

  3. First, I absolutely love these daily videos as they are incredibly helpful and insightful. Going to miss them everyday.

    Anyway, my question: How do you handle clients that are a bit slow to pay? After 60, 90+ days days and you still haven’t received your money what do you do and how do you address the client?

    Thanks for the video and thanks for the opportunity to ask my question.


  4. Can you discuss a little about trade or stage names. I’ve heard you should register a trade name or stage name in the state/city/town/counties you plan on or are doing business with. What knowledge do you have on this topic, maybe include a link or site with trustworthy info. Thanks!

  5. I recently heard you on George Witham and Dan Lenard’s Voice Over Body Shop to avoid the voice over demo mills. I’ve heard many other folks say the same thing, so many that I wonder if some of those very demo mills say it to deflect suspicion. The problem is, no one ever identifies the bad players. Can you give us some tips on how to separate the wheat from the chaff?