Sometimes, Being Repetitive Can Be A Good Thing

Image courtesy Nickelodeon

Hey there, hero!

More often than not, artists and performers take great pride in being different, both in general (different from the rest of society), and with our performances (no two performances should ever be the same, or we’ve failed as artists).

Whenever I hear some version of that, I’m reminded of Blue’s Clues.

And why, from the start, they repeated the same episode every day of the week for five days.

Turns out that’s not so bad.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Oh, David, I’m making a pretty good living being the same thing, over and over again. It’s good being pigeon-holed or “typecast”. It’s who I am and I love it.

  2. Bingo! Another home run, David.
    Reminds me of the friendly critique David Crosby had of Eagles. He said Eagles demand that their songs be performed (by them) precisely the same every time. Crosby said “boring.” I disagree. He then pointed out that CSNY performances are different every time. I’m okay with that too. But I love to hear Eagles perform their music precisely.

    1. Yeah, the real question is, “Boring for whom?” Your fans are more than happy to hear their memories replayed again; there was a reason they loved the music in the first place, and why they come to your concerts. So, who are you playing for, your fans, who pay your bills, or your*self*?

  3. People seem to like me for my current style and that is fine with me. I like being who they like, the pressure isn’t as great as it would be trying to be somebody else. I also like it when platforms or videos stay pretty consistent. Some change is good but when they change it all the time, like FB, I’m out. It is way to frustrating to deal with.

  4. Isn’t this also related to knowing your own strengths. I mean really, it’s hard to imagine James Earl Jones saying, “I’m going to do it different every time.” Find it, nail it, change it when it no longer works.