Just Released: Lesson 4 of Mastering Home-Based Voice Over

Hey there, hero!

All this week, I’m recording and publishing lessons in a brand new class, totally free, called Mastering Home-Based Voice Over.

And it’s time for Lesson 4, the follow up to the content we started the conversation about in Lesson 3.

That conversation was about the third discipline of voice over, the Science of Voice Over…and because the technology that’s involved in VO is such a huge subject, I’ve split it out into two parts (Part II will debut on Friday). This lesson, Part II, deals with how to choose and outfit the space in your house you’ll use to record and produce your work in VO.

Head’s up: Saturday morning, I’ll released the fifth of five lessons that will help build your successful, satisfying and profitable VO practice…from home.

Remember, this exclusive class is free, and note that it may require registration:


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