Wrapping Things Up: Lesson 5 of Mastering Home-Based Voice Over

Hey there, hero!

All this week, I’m recording and publishing lessons in a brand new class, totally free, called Mastering Home-Based Voice Over.

And it’s our martini shot, Lesson 5, that’s just been released.

This lesson is about the fourth discipline of voice over, the Mindset of Voice Over. Where your head is at when engaging in this type of work is deceptively powerful, in both positive and negative ways. This lesson will discuss the mindset challenges we face and how to meet them.

And tomorrow, I’ll be answering in-depth the most asked question all week. Watch to the end of the lesson for details.

Remember, this exclusive class is free, and note that it may require registration:

And…I wanted to let you know about a hilarious list that one of the cheerleaders of this class put together. My friend Chris has been creating daily Top 5 lists for years and years, and today’s is Pet Peeves of Voice Actors!


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  1. I came late to the sessions because I’ve been working. Will those video expire after you’re done with all the classes or will they still be available here for the ones that are late to the practice, like me? Haha
    Thank you!

    1. David, I was able to see ALL of Your Tapings up to 5 yesterday aft. and would have finished it up as I had a feeling this was going to be it; I had a Chorus Rehearsal to zoom in to. Wanted to watch 5 now to complete the Package. Is there any chance I can do that? TY David!