It’s Out: Lesson 3 of Mastering Home-Based Voice Over

Hey there, hero!

All this week, I’m recording and publishing lessons in a brand new class, totally free, called Mastering Home-Based Voice Over.

We’ve now reached Lesson 3.

In this lesson, we tackle the third discipline of voice over, the Science of Voice Over…and because the technology that’s involved in VO is such a huge subject, I’ve split it out into two parts (Part II will debut on Friday). This lesson, Part I, deals with the mic, the monitors, the software and the computer voice talent need to know about.

All told, I’ll be giving you five lessons that will help build your successful, satisfying and profitable VO practice…from home.

Again, this exclusive class is free, and note that it may require registration:


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  1. Several of the audition scripts I have reviewed and considered have poor grammar, missing words, etc. What should a narrator do when confronted with this situation: read it as is, add the missing word or look for another script, even though the narrator might find the story appealing?

  2. Hey David, I use sound forge. A PC and a Floureon BM-800 Mic and head phones. How do you set up the computer to record the best audio?

  3. Hi David, I’ve been watching these classes but it seems as though the links are no longer working.
    I made it to lesson 3 thus far and wasn’t able to get to them earlier. Have they been removed?