Just released: Lesson 2 of Mastering Home-Based Voice Over

Hey there, hero!

As of 8pm last night, over 2200 people had viewed the first lesson of my new free course, Mastering Home-Based Voice Over.

That’s amazing, a bit humbling, and really gratifying to know.

In Lesson 2, we’re going to introduce the second discipline of voice over, the Commerce of Voice Over, that’s filled with actionable, useful, up to the minute information on how to make the business side of things hum.

During the next 6 days, I’ll be giving you five lessons in total that will help build your successful, satisfying and profitable VO practice…from home.

This exclusive class is free, and note that it may require registration:


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  1. David,
    I’m so grateful for you. The past few monthsI have been indulging this sentiment of “Ugh, do I really have to figure out how to do all this AT HOME???” And the answer is…yes, lady! You do! So hearing you gently encourage us to become entrepreneurs has really shifted the horse blinders I’ve been wearing. Now I’m…excited?!? Huge thanks to you.

  2. I have noticed that a large number of rights holders with projects on ACX offer Royalty Share as their form of compensation. Some offer RS and Royalty Share +, while a few offer monetary compensation for PFH and that amount is low. How does a narrator navigate through this to make money if Royalty Share is all that is offered and the chances of making any money that way are uncertain?

  3. Hi David,
    Hope all is well with you!
    I registered and am trying to view this video and the rest in this series, but it keeps going to the page to pay for VO Heroes despite this page saying it’s free. Please help as I would love to see it!