Essential New VOHeroes Course: Mastering Home-Based Voice Over (And It’s Free)

Hey there, hero!

As promised, I’m debuting a new class today, specifically designed to help you rock VO from home. It’s free, and today, the first lesson is available (you can watch below).

Since the pandemic, I’ve had hundreds of questions I’m going to answer in this class, called Mastering Home-Based Voice Over. Across the next week or so, I’ll be giving you five lessons that will help build your business from the basement up.

In lesson 1, we’re going to introduce the first discipline of voice over, that’s absolutely crucial to building a successful, satisfying and profitable VO practice…from home.

This exclusive class is free, but it may require registration:


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  1. I’m about to purchase a new computer which I’ll only use for voiceover. It will be
    a Macbook probably a Pro. What amount of storage and memory is optimal?
    should I look for?

  2. My questions are all about how to optimize the quality of the recordings I’m producing. I’m confident about my acting and voicing skills, but super self-conscious about the technical excellence of what I’m sending out.

  3. Hi David.

    Jodie Bentley highly recommended that I sign up for this new video series. I signed up, but when I click to play the video, it sends me to the $775 registration page. Is there a way to view this free course without having a subscription? Very excited to watch it! Thank you!