How To Create Useful, Organized Audition File Names

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Hey there!

I was installing home equipment for a client recently, and as part of that experience, I led her through how to use Audacity to export an MP3 for submitting as an audition.

She was surprised to find out that I actually care a great deal, and get really picky, about how that audition MP3 file is named.

(And by the way, it works for both .MP3 voice over auditions and .MP4 video on-camera auditions.)

Here’s the skinny.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I’m so amused. I don’t know how many times I’ve answered the question, “But why do you put the date in the file name when the computer keeps the file’s date itself?” Yes, yyyymmdd dates as well. Whenever I”m sending a file to someone else, I try to think about making it easy for THEM to find my file and know what it is amongst all the others.

  2. David, I had a very similar approach for years. Agree that it helps to better manage the files.
    Stuart, there is a reason not to rely on the date of the file. When the client loads the file onto their computer, it changes the date. Plus even if you went just by date, say you are looking at a set of files that are similarly named and you want to ensure you are getting the latest. I have a couple of others that are also editing some of the document. This helps ensure you are on the latest and greatest. Once you send the wrong file to someone, you learn to have a process that ensures you KNOW that the correct file is what you send. CYA

  3. David,

    This information is so helpful to me. I had no idea how to do this. I had a client that gave me quite a bit of work for their same client. This information would have helped me as I clearly had no idea how to organize the recordings and they didn’t request a certain way to name the files I sent.

    Thank you so very much for this!