Get Better At Executing Today’s Plan By Starting Last Night

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Hey there!

A very quick tip today that I’ve found really useful, and I have one of my VA’s to thank for it.

Since I’ve been working with her, Stina has sent me a quick text each night, reminding me of the following day’s schedule.

I take that, and use it to inform my 3-2-1 list building. But instead of doing that work the next morning, I find it really helpful to do it the night before. Here’s how I accomplish that to put my mind at ease.

Hope this helps!



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  1. I don’t know what changed, or when. I used to carry a little pocket notebook that would contain a list for the days and what I needed to do on what day. I would update it throughout the day. It became a check list I could use to judge my progress. At some point, I just stopped. I don’t recall why.

    This 321 series has gotten me back to doing a plan again. This time, it’s the 321 plan and it works!

  2. Never made lists am or pm, but had started doing am. Only the day has already begun, and demands on my time, took over.I think pm. will work better, make a list, sleep on it , when I wake up, I,ll know what’s really a must do.