What Can We Grab From A Schedule This Strict?

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

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When we think of amazing dedication, focus and discipline, we look to the morning rituals of the most successful among us: A-listers, CEOs, founders, and…presidents?

With the noting of how some presidents don’t pack a lot of work into their executive time, there are some very notable opposites.

One of them was Teddy Roosevelt, and buried in his crazy strict schedule was a simple habit all of us can adopt and learn from.

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  1. this is so interesting! goodness, that’s a lot of speeches in a day (not to mention, a week) – !
    i love the idea of “narrowing the window” for meetings. i find that with a 15-minute window, focus is optimal and we tend to accomplish more & what’s essential, as you say. it’s so antithetical to what i normally want, being the completest and all, but such a great reminder. thank you!