How Does Asking For Help Sit With You?

Hey there, hero!

It can be extraordinarily satisfying to figure something out on your own.

But if you need help, there’s one feeling you don’t need to feel.

I’m here today to insist that you start to look at asking for help in a whole new light.

Hope this helps!



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  1. Thanks always for your help & advice, David! Today’s episode on asking for help is something I have stubbornly refused to do enough of. Thanks for reinforcing the idea that to seek help & make progress with answers/solutions is something we should feel more comfortable doing. Rather than pridefully, sheepishly, & insanely NOT seeking help from those who are willing to help us achieve more! Thanks again, because also much of your daily dose of (VO) videos are practical across all walks of life!! Now if I’ll just USE your great wisdom… ??

  2. I always want to figure out what I can on my own. But having said that, there comes a point where asking for another brain to consider the problem from its own perspective is appropriate. That point will differ for me depending on many possible factors, but there’s no glory in wasting time when you have a task to complete. And besides, that other perspective comes with its own insights that can be valuable to my journey. I like to be respectful of the askee’s time, but I’d like to think he or she probably gets some value from being asked to work through my issue, too.

  3. I have found that when I ask for help it’s always met with kindness and gentleness. It never seems to come from a place of headiness, a pompous attitude or me feeling like a fool for asking. Because I believe the respondent has already been in the place I’m at and can identify with the feeling of “unknowing.” And I appreciate that greatly.

  4. Wow! That is exactly how I feel about asking for help. I try to figure things out on my own so people don’t think I am stupid. Thank you so much for saying what you did about asking for help. It is like you gave me a get out of jail free card!


  5. Ohh, I have problems w/ this issue waaaay too much! My feelings about asking for help (and the resistance to doing so) have come up again and again for me. Thanks for giving me a much healthier perspective to consider.

  6. I’ve had to work on this for a lot of years. Still have the urge to figure it out in my own, but I finally learned that the sooner I ask for help the better off I’ll be. Thanks, David!

  7. Thank you for this David. And just to note, I actually just asked you for help with something and your quick response and resolution was much appreciated! So thank you for that and for all you do! Best wishes for a happy, healthy, successful year to come!!!