0076: Graduating From Paint-By-Numbers To Just…Painting



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

In everyone’s pursuit of excellence, the training we receive is initially handled as a series of discrete steps. Do this, then that, before you do this or only after than and so on.

The dependencies of one step upon another need to be identified and practiced.

But one day…

…you realize that those steps have blended into a smooth and clean process where your execution isn’t based on some checklist of actions, but rather based on your experience and preparation.

And that day can come sooner, later…or not at all. But when it does, it frees you up for the acting part – the attention we pay to our art, as opposed to our tools. It gives you more time to be the great actor that you are.

(And I’m working on something to add to VOHeroes that will help my Pros do just that.)

Watch or listen and I draw a comparison (see what I did there?) with paint-by-number, then answer this: when did you graduate from paint-by-numbers? Or are you having difficulty with that with a particular skill? What kind of help do you need, if any? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I still follow a list of steps for my podcast processing after 2.5 years. When I don’t, I sometimes forget an important step. That being said, there are a couple processes I can do by heart.