0077: There’s Nutrition In Discovery



Show notes:

Hey there, hero!

We “feed” ourselves in many different ways…certainly our bodies with food, our souls with social connection and many times, our brains with knowledge.

In fact, depending upon how you learn things, discovery of new concepts and ways of working might really satisfy you in ways that other options don’t.

We can be logical, step by step, or organic and open to random options, but however we learn, it can be really satisfying…and nutritious.

And depending on what you have available to you as a left-brained or right-brained person, the very notion of discovering things can be extraordinarily sumptuous – and can feed yourself while learning.

How do you feel when learning? Like you’re at the table for a fine meal?

When you’re learning things, how do you usually proceed? Left brain? Right brain? Both sometimes? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Great way of putting it, David. There is absolutely nutrition in discovery. VOHeroes courses have been full of those discoveries for me. Opening new doors and new ways of approaching the craft. Thanks.

  2. As I was researching VO (when I had no info on it) I started to find certain things coming up over and over, which lead to more research into those areas. I was finding lots of nutrition in my research.

  3. Yes! There absolutely is nutrition in discovery that nourishes for sure. Whenever I nourish my desire to seek those sumptuous nuggets of knowledge I not only feel nourished, but also a deep contentment of knowing how to best move forward on whatever path I find myself on in any given moment – the nature of life’s ever changing “experience buffet”!